Friday, March 25, 2011

A Wicked 35 Weeks!

Yes this post is 2 fold maybe 3 or 4 depending on how I feel by the end of it :) First... yes, that lovely picture of Wicked. Doesn't it just say so much?! Well I had know idea how much it actually said until after this last weekend!! I had never seen Wicked before or read the book... and truth be told I had never even seen a Broadway before! Shame on me. Until this last weekend when Brandon surprised me with tickets to Wicked!! I have listen to the sound track and belted out a lovely rendition of Defying Gravity for years, so he knew well I would just die to go see it! And I did! It was AMAZING!!! not just the show and the music but what a story! Gregory Mcguire is quite a genius. All that I had expected was completed by intermission, the rest was a complete twist! So awesome! Worth the money for a night our with your Hubby and friends! 

 Some of our buddies, Zak and Krystal!
 Brandon and myself. I didn't bring my camera because I just figured they would do a bag check see the monster and send me back to the car to put it away. But they didn't and I was so bummed it didn't take more pictures of the theatre, it was gorgeous! We went to the Segerstrom Perfroming Arts Center in Costa Mesa. Here are a few pictures from google :)

 We were on the first level towards the left. Great views! Such a fun night. And I am hooked to Broadway. Can't wait to see Phantom... {hint hint Brandon}

Part 2 of this post... the rest of life! Yes we have moved into a new place... Why? To save around $600 dollars a month. Ridiculous I know. I just have to say rent in Orange County is not cheap. I know there is worse, but when I could have a mortgage for a giant house in 80% of the rest of the country for the price we pay in rent, I complain. We are here for school so it is worth it and we enjoy the weather and perks of life in Cali but every time we write that check, a little knot in my stomach would just twist! 

We now are in some student housing, We have been on the waiting list for 2 years and 1 month to be exact and our turn finally came! Along with a load of stress gone! Even though it is 'student housing' it is a beautiful place to live. I'll have to take some picture of the place and pool. Very nice... and we have a blowup mattress for visitors :)

We are finally feeling settled and now I can get back to my projects! hehe. Below is a picture of some fancy ruffled pillows I made.. again super easy and a tutorial is in the works.. after the dress. I needed some throw pillows for the couches and found some silky/satiny materials at a presidents day sale. And these are what come from them!

 And finally I mention a Wicked 35 Weeks.. the wicked was only referring to the play though, pregnancy is going rather well. I have the normal aches and pains of growing and hips popping around, heartburn etc. but as a hole things are going well! 

I can't believe that I am 35 weeks?! With every other pregnancy I just could not wait to have the baby, but this one I feel a little different about. Probably because is it child number 3. I have heard that the third really changes life. I am excited for the baby, but not excited for the challenge that lies ahead! Particularly the first few months.

With how crazy fast my last delivery was, it sounds like I am going to be induced. Primarily to make sure I don't have a kid on the freeway. It will be at 39 weeks, and just simply breaking my water, no drugs. I will turn 26 the day that I turn 39 weeks.. so I might have a birthday baby or maybe an Easter baby! {My due date is the 27th of April.}
  AND LAST!!! (aren't those munchkins cute?! they love the baby already)  while we are on the topic of this baby boy to come.... I AM STRUGGLING!!!! I CAN'T DECIDE on a NAME! I am putting up a poll of a few of our favorites.. let me know what you like.. and if you have any other suggestions please send them my way! {Boy names are hard. } 

Keep tuned in.. a few tutorials to come!


The Shelton Family said...

Aubrey-you look so cute! Love all the projects too...that clock is awesome.

Melody said...

Jealous of the broadway show! And your projects are awesome. As for boy names... ugh, don't even get me started. Why are they so hard? Good luck! I bet you'll see him and know, that's what we are banking on. :)

Kurt and Michelle said...

Don't you just LOVE Wicked, I too am hooked on Broadway, maybe we will just have to make a trip to Cali and we can go to one together:)

Erin said...

Whoohoo! Sounds like you guys are doing well and staying busy. Good luck these next few weeks, you look great!

Kristi M. said...

You look so great! You are all baby. Boy names can be tricky. Gunnar was a no brainer but I went back and forth with Brecken. Always loved the name and then questioned it when I found out he was a boy. When he comes you will know you picked the right one or know what it should be. I liked Wesly but I also noticed that you have Wes on there. You can name him one thing and then always call him the shortened version. It kills two names with one stone.Great choices.

des said...

There are tooooo many things I want to talk to you about so I'm calling you instead.

BTW...What a BELLY!!

Jivin' Johnson's said...

Broadway is amazing! it's slightly addicting! :) You look adorable, I can't believe you only have 4 weeks left!?! I'm glad that you were able to move into student housing!
Love you~ can't wait to see the beautiful baby boy!

Isaak and Jackie said...

I would love to see wicked and it is playing in Boise just before we move there and then in Spokane just after we move to Boise. What bummer timing. You look amazing, not fair. So happy for you

Emily Moffat said...

LOVE the pillows! So cute! I love that you post your crafts and such--you do such a good job with them! It always inspires creative ideas for me.

Yes, your munchkins are so cute, just like their darling mum, and I can't WAIT to read your name poll! Where do I go? I LOVE to hear other people's name choices, as long as they're willing to share, of course. We are keeping ours a secret this go-round. I know, such a hypocrite. But I do love surprises!!

shellysanford said...

you look great!! Good luck, little Addison looks just like you!