Monday, April 25, 2011

26 and 39

 Last week I turned 26 and 39 all on the same day! Thank goodness the former was my age and later my gestation! It was a pretty low key day but just perfect. My mind has been on preparing for the baby so much that nothing else has really mattered. I did get a lovely treat to a pedicure though!! PERFECT gift from a girlfriend especially when you can't reach your toes anymore ;) 

That is one thing that is kind of funny about being 39 weeks pregnant and about to give birth... just when you really need to shave your legs and have your toes cute you can't reach them. humph. So a pedicure was just what was needed! 

That and a night out with the hubby. We don't get out much anyways these days, so a date was in line before the big day when we really won't be out at all! Dinner was all but it was nice to have him all to myself and not distracted by kids or school.

 (I think the people in Islands parking lot thought we were crazy... such posers!)

ps..thanks everyone for you happy birthday wishes
happy day  happy day

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des said...

Your too cute. your tummy doesn't look like it belongs to that body. skinny everywhere and then belly. so excited for you- today is the big day and I can't stop thinking of you