Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter FuN

 We had a lovely little Easter this year! I was lucky to make it through the weekend with out going into labor. (That was my hope!) I wanted to do all the fun stuff with the kids before the baby came! It started out with a little Easter egg hunt on Saturday with the apartment complex kiddos.
 Bryce just cracks me up.. he gets embarrassed when he smiles.. so this is him during group pictures trying to hide his excitement.
 Cute as always, Addison just lounging and then on the hunt!

 Bryce actually did pretty good about finding the eggs.. he always seemed to find the sneaky ones and left the ones in the open for littler kids.

 Okay.. really Bryce is such a goof ball. I say to him "Smile!" and this is the pose I get. Every time I look at his face I bust up. So goofy! To get a legit smile out of this kid you have to actually make him laugh otherwise it is a weird thing like this or a forced scowl trying to hide the smile.
 He also likes to touch thumbs when you give him a thumbs up. (I think he thinks you're supposed to like a pound or something?)
 All the kids chowing down on candy.. ring pops to be precise!

 On Sunday we had a potluck with a bunch of friends. With no family around we had to do a little something to celebrate the special day. These people really are our family away from family anyhow. A perfect way to spend the day.

All the preggo ladies.. and there are still a few missing! can you say bebes?!
The kiddo's gearing up for another Easter Egg hunt!

I thought that he just looked handsome this day. We missed out on getting pictures of their adorable Easter outfits for now, that will have to happen another week... (but thanks Grandma! They really are so cute)

 As a family we had a little Easter lesson.. which the concept of Easter and the resurrection is a very hard concept for a 4 year to wrap her little brain around. By the end... It was a "Jesus loves you!!" lesson! She gets that ;)

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des said...

yeah you got to do your hunt after all!!
Bryce does look mighty handsome. :) his "smile" cracks me up.
I keep forgetting you live in a different place now. I keep picturing everything happening in your old place :(