Sunday, January 16, 2011

Words and Patience

As a mother, you get excited over the silliest little things that your kids do. Such and the first time you find your baby sucking on their big toe! TO YOU it is hilarious and adorable and a moment in time to freeze. To everyone else, an oh how cute will suffice. Well I have had a few of those moments lately that are just so adorable I can't wait to share and ew and ah over, but I understand it is probably going to bore you. oh well. 

So my little Bryce man is 21/2 and a handful to say the least. Not that he is a terror and writes on all may walls and flushes things to the never returning sewer, he is just full of unpredictable, demanding, and opinionated personality. Combine that with his lack of speech and shyness and it can be very hard some times to make him happy. Yes, he is 2 1/2 years old and very slow at his speech. I know I know this is typical with boys, and second children but it doesn't help anything knowing that. (Our Dr. blew us off about Speech Therapy.)  

For months we have been trying to encourage Bryce to even try saying different words and either he is to busy to care or to shy to try. However, the last few weeks he is starting to blossom!! Finally!! He has had a few select 10-15 words that he will say if you can call them words like. ahmm = food, choo-choo= Train, mmmmm = car, dada, dohn=don't. One word I have been trying and trying FOEVER to get him to say is Please. 

The other day in the car, well van, I was handing Addison a drink and heard this soft little "Pareese" from Bryce. I was trying to figure out what he said/wanted. And he said it again!!

 "Pahreese Mama"

I WAS THRILLED!!! Finally!! he said it!! and it took so much effort for his little mouth to form that word! You could just see the work his little face was doing and his struggled it out! It was adorable!! and now he says it all the time! I'll get a video up sometime. I guess patience is the key! 

Addison on the other had has always been a chatter box. Sometimes I find myself telling her, "Addison! You only get to ask one more question. "

She is so funny with the little things that she says some times. The other day, she asked for something and I told her no because it cost to many dollars.  She thought about it for a minute then said. "Well, mom we need to go buy some more dollars!"    I love her little brains!!  Love being a mom. And love love family. 

Speaking of family here are a few family pictures we snapped over Christmas time! It was the first time in over 4 years that EVERYONE was home for Christmas and since our family will be changing soon we thought that we would capture the moments even though we are freezing and pale and the sun was setting. 

I love this picture of Brandon and Addison, So adorable! When it comes to quite time, she snuggles with dad and always sleeps right next to him after a bad dream. They are the cutest little buddies. And Bryce loves nothing more than to listen to mom sing songs and snuggle while she tickles his belly. Kids take a lot of patience but there is nothing better in the world!!! 

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The Whipples said...

Nate, my hubbie, didn't say more than a few words until he was about 4. It's not that he couldn't , it'd just that his older brother did enough for the both of them. When he went to pre school and kindergarten nate had no to talk for him so he just started talking up a storm out of no where. I think he'll surprise you just like with please.