Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shower me with Fluff!

Just a week or so ago I helped host a baby shower for my sweet friend Carly! She is having her first little boy in February! ..Before I go on, doesn't it seem like everyone is pregnant?! It is a little ridiculous actually, can can probably name like 15 of my friends that are pregnant. I can't speak though, being that I too and guilty.

But this baby shower was so fun! and turned out so beautifully! Mostly because it was held at sassy Susie's house which is amazingly beautiful as it is. The day was perfect, sunny and warm in the middle of January. (Sorry to the rest of the freezing cold world). The guests had fun, and the food was delicious so the party was a hit. I just have to post a few pictures of how cute it turned out!

 A few snapshoots of the food... it all tasted as good as it looks!! 

 On the menu... Quiche topped with avocado, salsa, olives and sour cream, Fruit w/Fluffy Fruit dip, Zucchini Bread, A berry bread, bakery fresh cup cakes, green salad with crasens and poppyseed dressing and gum balls!  To drink.. Lime Slushie or Lemon water!!

The recipes for the fruit dip, Slushie, and zucchini bread can be found the food blog I contribute too..

click HERE to find them!!

I love the food at showers!

 and most importantly.. the some of the guests and the mommie-to-be

 That's Carly! She looks so good for being due it just a few weeks! And Susie is in the middle below, thanks for letting us play at your home!! It was beautiful! (She is so crafty.. don't you love her baby banners and center pieces?)


Kristi said...

Very cute, love the colors. Dang I've always wanted a COACH Diaper bag that is until I saw the price tag on those things.

Isaak and Jackie said...

looks amazing. So jealous of your California weather. You too look great Aubrey, as always!

Emily Moffat said...

Agh! You guys are darling! So great to see familiar faces from the ward. How fun for you to party together!!