Wednesday, January 26, 2011

projects and pics

The other day some girlfriends and I went to M & L. A glorious warehouse style fabric store that cares full designer lines which are so hard to find annnnndd LOADs of dirty cheap fabric. I am talking 1.95/yd dirt cheap. Yes, you have to rummage a bit it is worth it! Not to mention isle of specialty fabrics at half the price of regular fabric stores. Anyhow.. (if you are ever in Anaheim let me know, I'll give you directions!) 

After loading up on a fresh stock of fabrics.. mostly for a quilt I want to start making, but the rest was open for projects! 

The first project, Bryce needed an apron. Occasionally Addison like to help me make cookies or bread and we put on our aprons together and have a like party in the kitchen. Bryce has recently wanted in on the fun but poor little guy felt left out with out and apron.. so he got one! 

 The second project was a circle skirt, pattern from Dana-Made-It. Such a simple skirt.. and usually the first time I make clothing I don't love it and I make mistakes so this was the trial skirt. It turned out okay, and now I want to make another out of better fabric and change the dimensions a bit. BUT it was a simple fun project and Addison has another skirt that cost all of $2! 

I have a few more crafts I did a while back I want to post, but I am to lazy and my place is too dark for pictures for now. Alas another day...

(just messing around with photoshop!)

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she looks just like you!!!