Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dizzy Desi, Dad and Me.

About a week ago my family came to visit!! It is always so fun to have people come see where you live, and experience just a taste of your life. Not to mention I just love hanging out with my family, and being over 900 miles away from them, every minute I get is cherished! My Dad had a much need shoulder surgery and on week 2 of recovery decided to take a little trip down to visit and being in some warmer weather. He brought Des (my sis) and her kids along. We really didn't do too much, but with my dad having just had surgery and Desi and I both pregnant, we were all exhausted by the end of the week. Here is a little synopsis of our week together:

Day 1: Lazy recovery day from traveling, made some fun food and kids hit the hot tub with Grandpa. 
Day 2: The Sabbath: Church, rain, big yummy feast of a Sunday dinner!

Day 3: Irvine Railroad park.

This is a beautiful park up in the hills of Irvine. They have pony rides, paddle boats, a train ride and also the OC Zoo. Too bad we walked up to the doors of the Zoo at 3:40 and it Closed at 3:30. rrrgh. But we still had fun.
 This picture cracks me up... typical of both boys. Bryce can be a little grumpy sometimes and doesn't know how to 'play' yet. Jack is just a little sweetheart, always trying to befriend Bryce. Sorry Jack. By the end of week Bryce was a better sport!

 We could hardly get a picture of these two little princesses, they were always chitter-chattering together making up some little tale to pretend. We didn't once need to entertain them. They were such good little buds.

 Grandpa and the darling little boys on the swings.

On a stroll through the park after feeding the ducks!! It was a refreshing, relaxing day in the park. 

Day 4: Disneyland!! 

Bright and early with lots of food and snacks packed we headed to Disney! As soon as we got there guess who we saw!?!...

Goofy and Pluto!! Jack was just thrilled to see them! It was so cute. Addison has caught on by now that they are just costumes, but she still enjoys seeing them.

 The first ride of the day! On the rockets! Jack was excited until he got in. The girls with Papa of course!

 The day was beautiful and not too crowded either, we hit up every ride that we wanted, saw all the princesses (except Tangled... another rrrgh. The one day she isn't there we are).

 Bryce man my little shy man. Would only stand in the back and watch.

 These cute little pair. Jack and Addi have always had a sweet little bond. They love each other :)
It was a happy day!! We rode rides, saw princesses, even had time to hit up California Adventure for a few hours to see the Aladdin show.. always a hit! We stayed til the park closed and I have to admit, Des and I were hurting in many many ways. Our pregnant bodies had had it! 

Day 5: The Discovery Cube

 The discovery cube is meant for kids, but as you can tell... I think that we had more fun than they did!
 Brandon, strong heart, Weak hands!
 Careful with that shoulder Pops!
 Okay we didn't have all the fun, Bryce and Addi love the digital hockey or what ever it is!

 This rocket scared Bryce, every time we would "launch" it he would just come undone screaming. He preferred the dino play ground. Didn't get many pictures this day, we were to busy doing things! Fun day out.
 Like I said at the beginning, it was a whirlwind of a week and so much fun! And! I found out that my sister is having a boy!! SOO weird!! We both have girl, boy, boy. And they are all the same age with in months.. and of course none of it was every planned! (as if we could choose anyhow) Our kids were meant to be together! 

Thanks Pap's for coming down!! We loved every minute of it!!

Some people may think that our life here in California is just a party, well it isn't. We have great times when people visit and see the sites then but really it is just a normal life with nice weather and $$ rent. So don't be jealous on the freezing gray blah days in February. Life is what you make of it and happiness is where you want to find it really. I have the same amount of blah days here as I did in Idaho.  So really don't envy, just come visit so we have an excuse to go out!


des said...

I love those pictures. One of my favorite is the first one!! it really desicribes their relationship at this age it cracked me up when I was looking at them. I need to make this post too- your right! ours will be the exact same :) haha thats ok.

Isaak and Jackie said...

I am so envious and I wish we could come visit. How fun that your families got together and just because. You both look great and are hardly showing. Miss you and Des both