Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holiday Recap

We had a great Christmas vacation in Idaho with our families. Addison and Bryce loved spending time with their cousin's. Well Addison did! She tells me every other day that she wants to live in Idaho. Bryce on the other hand is such a funny little man. He is very shy and takes a day and a half to warm up to most people. The few hugs and kiss that our families received were very special ones indeed! And I don;t know why but I hardly busted out my camera the entire time we were there! I am totally regretting it now, but thankfully I saved some of the pictures from my sisters camera to our laptop! All is not lost!

I did however take alot of video! My dear sweet hubby got my a Flip camera for Christmas, so I played with my new toy alot!

Addison's number one request for Christmas was a Rapunzel Barbie! Bryce didn't ask for anything because he doesn't really get Christmas yet, but he got lots of Choo-Choos and trucks and Cars. All his very favorite. Santa's big gift to the kids was a wagon!! AND I am thrilled silly about having a wagon. I know I am crazy.
This gift from Santa wasn't a request from the kids, but a desire of mom's :) So after Addison stole a peek at the presents Christmas morn, she came back saying:

"Guess what?! There was a present too big for Santa to wrap! And it is a Wagon!! But... I didn't ask for a wagon." 

Then she turns to Brandon and asks, "Did you ask for a wagon?"

It was soo adorable! I can't remember how he responded but all day long she was puzzled why Santa would just bring them a wagon.
Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon
This is the one that we got. the ATW... All-terrain Wagon.  We have taken it on a few walks already and the kids pull each other instead of me pushing them, it holds both of them and more, it's incredibly tough and huge wheels go over everything.. and much more that I won't bore you with. But we love it.
Here's a picture of the kids on Christmas eve in their Jammies! rapunzel and choo-choo's of course! (may I mention it was past Bryce's bedtime?! little stinker) Here is a picture of how he really felt about his Jammers. 
Absolutely stunned and speechless. 

To be honest.. this is apart of Bryce's latest shy phase. He doesn't like to show his emotions. If he feels inclined to smile and the corners of his mouth start to turn up, he either opens up his mouth really wide or grabs his cheeks as above to avoid the exposure. If happiness is really going to over come him he just runs off and buries his face. However he will defiantly let you know if he doesn't like something. He kind of has an old man soul. Grumpy on the outside but soft as marshmallows on the in. Love him. 

The kids had fun opening gifts at both grandparents home and were thrilled silly over the littlest things! Don't you love how easy these little tykes are to please!? And to entertain. Grandma Nielsen is a pro at coming up with goofy fun entertainment. 

I hope your Christmas was very merry! We are looking forward to this new year of adventures! 

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Sorensons said...

Your kids are getting so big! They are adorable. Next time you are in Twin we need to all get together.