Monday, December 27, 2010

Jolly Holly!

Phew. and Humph. Christmas is over. Which is very sad to me as I love all the festivities, but right now all I can say is Phew followed by a great big sigh. This Christmas has been the busiest Christmas I can remember!! I can't put my finger on just why either. And truly it might not have been all that busy, I just don't have the energy for it. But that is alright, I have felt good enough to eat all the festive foods and chocolate so I am happy.

This was a very merry Christmas. We have enjoyed spending time with family and remembering our Saviour. I just have to say that I am very blessed. I love my two little munchkins and am so excited for this little boy in April. Brandon is doing so well in school and enjoying it despite how hard it can be. It is just reassuring to know that he will love his career, and every cent spent on schooling and all the long hours will be worth it if he is happy.

I also have to apologize for not up dating.. My computer is on the fritz! With out pictures to post it just isn't as fun so I have kinda neglected my blog a bit... {and to all of you who I promised pictures to from parties or what not, I have them in good keeping, I will get them out when I can assess them.} 

These snowy pictures are from a while ago, during Thanksgiving. The snow was so awesome, and all the kids went crazy! Bryce was in love with the magical white fluffy goodness, and was in heaven on the four wheeler. The kids had fun being pulled around the yard. It all started with manually pulling the kids on a small sled, then the guys of course thought bigger and better then hooked it up to the four wheeler. After a while that wasn't good enough and they hooked up the giant inner tube meant for the boat. Ha! it was hilarious and very fun!
 more of a Christmas update, once I can get my pictures up later! For now I hope you all are having a Jolly Holly Holiday! 

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des said...

I love Addi's tongue picture. we love you guys. wish christmas didn't have to end and you go home.