Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We finally ventured out into the world for a bit while my stomach was settled, the kids deserved/needed it! As a little family we hit up a near by pumpkin patch! An annual tradition of blowing 20-30 bucks on lame rides, expensive treats, and overpriced pumpkins! BUT it is always a blast and this year was no different! (I have to admit, this was actually probably 3 weeks ago)

Addison and her first pair of pink cowgirl boots. Every girl needs a pair in my opinion.  {sry kinda cropped those out!}
Bryce of course glued to the cars! 

Bryce is such a funny little man, in just the right situation he can be terribly shy, yet at others he is a wild monster. We spent a few bucks to get him 5 mins on the toddler playhouse. For about 4 of the five minutes he decided to be terribly shy. Then someone bounced him, he fell and realized how fun it was! And then it was over. Lovely. 

Addi enjoyed a few bounce house rides, but I think the favorite activity of the night was the petting zoo. Addison was pretty good about letting the animals eat out of her hands, but Bryce would just drop the mix as soon as they got close. He followed the fat little piggy around, and it was a very fat, small pig. I actually think that it might have been pregnant? I know the fat feeling to well. 

 My two pumpkins that are just great little buddies! Every night a wrestling match usually ensues. It starts out just like this, we a sweet little hug from Bryce the Brute. Then he wraps a leg around Addison and she is down. I usually end up prying him off her after a few minutes so that she can breathe. I keep wanting to think, Bryce you better by careful, someday she will get bigger and bet you up..... but then I realize, no, this probably will never happen. Good luck Addison. We are working on Addi's "tough" skills and the Brutes "Soft" skills. They love each other none-the-less.


Isaak and Jackie said...

Congrats on being pregnant, I am a little behind the times. Your family is so adorable I can't wait to see the new little one. I am not pregnant and I have all of those "latelys" for no good reason. Hope you are feeling better.

Emily Moffat said...

CUTE! Looks like fun!

Hope you get to feeling on the up and up very soon Aubrey. It's gotta be right around the corner!

brittany+scott said...

How fun! & your kiddos are so super cute Aubrey!