Saturday, November 6, 2010

Painting Pumpkins

After buying a pumpkin sized just right for each of us, we decided it was time to make them festive!! The kids pumpkins were to small to carve so we just had them paint them! 
I was sure that although this would be fun, it would turn out to be a huge mess. Mainly because Bryce can turn my perfectly clean house into a natural disaster in about 2.5 seconds. I could only imagine what he would do with the paints. To my surprise he was very particular about his painting! It cracked me up to see him hold his paint brush just so, and lightly stroke the pumpkin. In the end it looked like a bunch of jibberish, but this jibberish was performed with the utmost delicacy for a two year old!  It just makes me chuckle. I seriously never know what I am going to get with Bryce. He is soo unpredictable.
Addison did very well painting and enjoyed herself. She would make a beautiful flower then say, I don't like it. I want my pumpkin to look like Bryce's then wreck havoc on the flower. I made her preserve the smilie face a one flower.
They turned out great, and after cleaning up after the kids, Brandon and I didn't have enough energy to carve our own, so to this day they remain plump and round, un-carved on our porch. The positive side is that we can keep them out for the November season!


Kurt and Michelle said...

The pumpkins look so darling, your kids are getting so grown up. It seems like it was just yesterday that we came to see Addi for the first time. We are going to be in Cali. in January, Kurt has work stuff their for 2 weeks and Allie and I will be meeting him there towards the end to go to Disneyland. We would love to see you guys!!

shellysanford said...

The kids are getting so big I can't believe it!! Addison is so a clone of you, to cute!Congrats on your new little one!I still miss you VT me;( who ever has you now is lucky.