Sunday, October 3, 2010

A few other things..

I feel really bad about not up dating my "online journal' because a few fun things have happened in the last month! To be honest I can spend all of about 5 minutes on the computer before I start to get nauseated, therefore no blogging. 

 In other news in my life besides getting pregnant, I have started a new job as an ER RN. I have been there about 1.5 months and so far have really enjoyed myself. If you ever are in need a of crazy, wacky or gory story I already have loads! I have enjoyed the new type of nurse and still have a lot to learn but am adjusting well. I chose to transfer to ER as apposed to any other area because  ER has various shift times because the patients are constantly changing. I work a 'swing' shift (1pm to 1 am) so that I can be home more with the kids during the day when Brando has class. It is working out well so far but I also am starting to dream of the day when we can afford for me to stay home all day with the kids!  

But a quick note I do want to make.. A week ago today I was celebrating with my family about the return of my 2nd brother Andy home from his mission in Australia! Of course on my short trip home I had to forget my camera {but my sister has a post about it on her blog you can go see if you like}. When I was home it was so fun to just sit and chat with Andy about eating kangaroo tail, honey-ants, and the Aussie culture. So interesting. He does have a crocodile Dundee accent and calls us mate with out thinking twice! Fun how quickly things like that rub off on a person! He brought us opals and kangaroo sacks and all sorts of aboriginal paraphernalia. Not to mention the awesome stories of the humble members and converts. Andy has really matured into a man. He has such a great outlook on life, and the mission field really did him well. 

And last but not least a newspaper in Twin Falls, The Times News, published an Article about my sister and her struggle with Lupus as a teen. I think that they did a great job and loved how they included a lot about her faith! She posted in on her blog as well. GO PeEk HERE! 

ANNNDDD I just have to say that there have been some really great recipes posted on the food blog up at the right hand side of your screen.... YOU HAVE to try the Chocolate Muffins and LEMONADE!!!  SOO Delicious and super easy!!! Click HERE !!

AND AND AND .. last one I promise.. is any one as excited for fall as I am? I can't wait to bust out the pumpkins and hot cocoa!


des said...

good post. I'm Glad you endured through it, and did it. I love reading it- it just helps me feel a little more connected to you, when we are so far. I'm excited for fall too this year- we already got some pumpkin :) no hot cocoa yet...does it get cold enough for hot cocoa out there? haha. I hope so soon, for you. Dang, and all our maternity clothes are like- winter. ok maybe not. mine is. I just remembered Bryces birthday. haha
Love you lots, think about you every day.

Meg said...

i LOVE your blog, so creative. so cute!