Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hum dee dum

This is going to be a long journally post.. just warning. 

First of I need to explain myself... A few weeks ago I posted that I was missing my babies, and a few people asked why. WELL.. Brandon and I took the kids to Idaho for a spur of the moment trip to visit family, but I had to fly home early to work. (Orange County CA rent is not very forgiving). Initially I was going to be flying home on a late flight to work on Monday. Brandon and the kids were to drive home maybe Wednesday. I would only be family-less for a few days. Tolerable. 

(At Aunt Desi's new house sitting down for Sunday dinner before I have to fly home.)

But then Brandon decided he wanted to stay to watch his families annual dance production and play in the 3-on-3 tourney with his brother that weekend. Ugh.. I was very lonely by Friday. So I posted that posted with some cute pictures I had taken on the trip.... then I thought the next day. Hmm.. Maybe it is not the best idea to announce over the internet that I am staying home alone the week. That's why the lack of reply to the questions. Anyhow as Brandon was driving home the next Monday (yes one week with out a family) he made it just past the Border of AZ. 
(Pitt stop for ice cream before the breakdown)

The entire trip including breaks usually takes us 16 hrs. He only had about 3.5 hrs left. SOO close and the engine light goes on. Late at night he has to get towed back to Prim then Vegas the next day. It took two day to get he car fixed. So Brandon got to play in Vegas with the kids driving a brand-new Jetta dealership car around, sleeping in Circus Circus while I was lonely at home. They eventually made it home. And I was happy. 
(Addison in Vegas)

Since then we haven't been up to much. Brandon is out of school for the summer and I am picking up shifts where I can to pay bills. We have been hitting up the beach, Disneyland, and the pool to pass time. Brandon has been relaxing and enjoying his time off. I am trying to get Brandon in to running. We will see if that will ever happen, but he has gone for a few runs in his Jordans. ha! He isn't sure if he is ready to invest in running shoes yet. Goober. 

I have been training for the Spudman Triathlon coming up on the 31st of July. Yikes. I am excited and have felt surprisingly great through the training. I think because I have been fairly consistent and used a training plan that is made to gradually increase with out injury. I just wish I could get more meat on my chicken legs.. that would help my speed in the bike portion. I just haven't been biking long enough to have that muscle. I still love it though.. so much fun to be on a road bike.. if you are thinking about it.. do it. So fun. You won't regret it.

(The kids at Toon Town in Disneyland)

So life is nothing wild right now, but we are very content. Enjoying the warmth and time off together. The kids are growing so fast. Addi and Bryce are just funny little buddies. Love being a mom. Love Life.

As Addi Says "You wanna piece of me?!"


Jivin' Johnson's said...

I've had to be away for a week a few times for different's rough!! Looks like Brandon and the kiddies had fun while you were hard at work though!

Kristin said...

Man I wish I would have been able to see you in Twin. I would have missed my babies too for that long. Your kids are getting so big Aub. I really miss you girl! I hope you are doing well! Sounds rough... the beach, disneyland... :) Love ya!

des said...

ahhaha love the last pic.

Isaak and Jackie said...

man I have never been without my children so I don't know how to empathize but I am sure it got pretty boring, what ride Brandon and the kiddos had.

Lainey-Paney said...

Very cute kiddos.
And I'm posting this on the 6th, so hopefully you're hugging those little ones instead of missing them!