Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!! Finally.

oh my goodness... if I didn't go just about crazy putting this together! First of all , I get this brillant idea to make our dad's a video full of their favorite things. Our kids, dancing(Brando's dad) and singing (My dad)... we couldn't really get bball inthere for either. So we spent a little time getting some shots of the kids. Then I tried out this program editing the adorable video. I spent at least 5 hours editing it in to this awesome video with subtitles, cool transitions and effects. About 10 mins long. Then I up load it to U-tube. And it looks TERRIBLE! so I try a different format. And it takes another 3 hours to upload. I figure this one has to be good because it is a larger file, probably better quality. WrOnG. Dead wrong. wasted 3 hours. I give up and we call our dad's to late at night to say a quick LAME happy fathers day.

You see. We don't really have the money to get them any sort of a gift that they would appreciate and use. And I am all about quality gifts. Why just buy some random thing to fill up a bag that is going to sit in a closet or be thrown a way in 5 months. Why waste the money? Unless it is some nice and useful that they actually want OR sentimental. Why waste the money when there isn't any to waste? So I wasted time in stead. WHICH is a sacrifice of its own so they better be grateful. wink.

Today, after a long shift of wiping bums and feeling like a terrible daughter, I decided I was going to get something of the video up whether it was edited or not. Just in visible quality so they would actually see the cute kids. My solution, short, unedited clips.

So Cheers Daddio's. Here's you belated video gift~ of zip nomial value, but all the value to your heart (cheese).

Bryce makes a great back up dancer. They said that was all he did in nursery was practice his jumping. Also the "wwaaaaannnn" means one. He doesn't like the number two yet.

The kisses for Grandpa Kim were on another clip, so consider these for you too Kim! 

To bad they won't see it to tomorrow after work as they are long into zzzz's right now in their time zone. But at least I will rest a little less guilty tonight.

p.s. if anyone is REALLY good with video editing and formats and all that junk, PLEASE stop holding out. I really need some help. 


smith said...

those are cute videos. Your kids are darling!

Tiffany said...

Super cute idea. They are great!