Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Addisons Bday Parties

During our trip up to Idaho to visit the families, Addison had her fourth birthday!! I still am amazed that I have a four year old. We held a couple of small family parties for her to celebrate, and she of course loved being in the spotlight and getting presents. If you are curious what a four year asks for, for her birthday, Addison asked for an I-Pad. No joke. She seriously wanted an I-Pad thanks to my mom. My mom was given one for her birthday the month previous by my dad. She uses it for her agenda and work stuff. She loves it and even had a few goofy games downloaded on it. Well Addison has recently discovered games on Brandon's touch screen phone and is very good at using it. She had no problem firguring out the I-Pad and had set the high scores on all the games in about a day. She would sit on "Grandma Cindy's" and play games all day if she could. Therefore, when she was asked what she wanted for her Birthday, it was an I-Pad. Nothing else. Last year it was a blue sparkly barbie. And she got it. This year. She would have broken the bank at the Nielsen house if she could. Sorry, no I-Pad. 

But she did get lots of other cute little gifts that she didn't ask for, but loved."Grandma Pam" and grandpa gave her some cute outfits, pj's games, candy, and money! Here she is at the Nielsen side birthday party.
Delicious Costco cake! She wanted chocolate-chocolate cake.. Like mother like daughter.
One of her favorite games! I played her the other night and she honestly beat me. I didn't let her cheat and I didn't go easy and she still beat me.
Grandpa Nielsen reading Addison her birthday card. I though this was a cute picture.
On the Harding side of the family, the little party was thrown up in Boise at Desi's new house. Again more cute outfits that she helped pick out, puzzles, legos- My mom went with the legos because she loves to build castles with her wooden blocks but Bryce the Brute loves to come and crash the party. He easily knocks them over with a gentle bump. So the legos hopefully will be a little more sturdy.
Sydney and Addison just love each other. 
{Notice that is the same cake from the other party. Costco cakes are huge so we packed the left overs! ha! still as good and new.} 
Except when one person is getting gifts and the other is not. It is hard to be four. Poor Syd watched the whole time with a smile while tears just weld up in her eyes and then she couldn't take it any more.
She was okay, after Addison let her open one of her gifts for her. Then more of the same chocolate chocolate cake made everything okay. 

Addison had a happy birthday and is so proud to be a big girl now! All of four years. She is such as sweet little girl and so kind. I love her too much.


des said...

haha the last pic is funny. I forgot about that. I was surprised at how it made Syd feel. We miss you guys! It was fun having you here for a little bit- with the many boxes...can't wait till you can stay for a few days and let us treat you like a queen.
My sewing machine will be fixed by Thurs!! so I'll get crackin on Addi's present. What was her favorite animal again? haha

Jivin' Johnson's said...

How fun was it that you got to be with all the family for her birthday! I love that she wanted an I-Pad.....we are raising a bunch of technology junkies! :)