Friday, June 4, 2010

Four Years

This is a short story about how Addi came to be Addi. 

First there was to best friends who decided it was better to be together then apart... so they wed. 

Not long after (2 months to be exact), a new baby started to grow in Aubrey. 

Aubrey didn't feel good... here is what 4 months of not feeling good leaves you looking like (I am embarrassed to share the harsh reality). 

But then as Addi grew she felt better. 

Delievering was a story in it self. Aubrey didn't feel good again. 

Until she held you and it all didn't really matter any more. 

(a happy yet drugged mommie hah)
You didn't know it but you were born a cheerleader, as mom and dad finish sports and college you helped out. 

Heavenly Father couldn't have made a happier little baby. 

You still are the happiest little thing and all your faces and words keep us smiling.

The years have flown by and we can't believe that it is your birthday! Four years to be exact. 

We love you so much and love your little story. Wouldn't change it for the world.
 Love you tonz

And Happy Fourth Birthday!


Kristin said...

I can't believe that she is four. I was just saying to Jeff that it is so crazy that Michael will be four sooner than it seems. I love all of the pics. She is one beautiful little gal! Where have you been? Why have you been missing your babies? Miss you!

royce and aubree said...

she is so adorable aubrey! you are such a good mom! happy birthday to addi!

Jivin' Johnson's said...

Happy Birthday to Addi! :) She is such a cute little girl!

Kurt and Michelle said...

Aubrey- It seems liek it was just yesterday that we can to see Addison so small all dressed in her basketball Jordan gear:) I hope you guys have a fun day, she is such a special little girl!

Kumar said...

Birth-day wishes to Addi.

shellysanford said...

your little family is growing and so beautiful!

Giselle said...

Such a cute post! I just saw Addi and Bryce yesterday at church, they look so much bigger, especially Bryce. It's too bad you weren't there with them, it would have been fun to see you, hopefully we can catch each other next time you come up. Brandon says you're working hard as a nurse. Good luck with everything! Miss you!

des said...

I loved that you put up all those pictures. it was funny. We miss you guys and love sweet addi!!

Brett and Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday cute Addi! You're too cute Aubrey; such a cute mom.

Shauna said...

Happy Birthday Addi. I can't believe you have a 4 year old! Time sure does fly by. She is such an adorable little thing!