Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth Festivities

We have been a little under the weather lately. Weird for the summer, I know. But as such we were obligated to skip out on the fun friend BBQ's and activities where we might spread our loveliness. We found a few activities that involved minimal human contact and ended up have a fun fourth. Because the fourth fell on the Sabbath this year we decided to treat Saturday as our fourth and go to the Angels game! Trying to explain a game of baseball to a four year old is harder than it might seem. She was so intrigued by the foul lines on the field and other random details like all the umpires rather then the basic hit the ball and run around the field.

Yes yes, we have a leash now for Bryce. If you want to judge go ahead, but I am not losing my son in crowds of hundreds of people or letting him run suddenly into the street. The leash is a better alternative for this busy body then strapping him screaming into the stroller. He doesn't mind it and it actually gives him more freedom than he would have otherwise. Ironic isn't it? Bryce is a funny little man. Always has to have something in his hands. One hand being a car. Never goes anywhere with out a car in his hand and regularly takes naps with them. The other hand usually has a sippy cup or food. In this case the skin of a corn dog. Thanks Wienersnichel! 

Addison felt left out that she didn't have any angels paraphernalia to where to the game. So we convinced her to bring her mitt.  That sufficed.

The best part of the game was that we were up in the nosebleeds. No that wasn't it. But we were so high as you can tell and Brandon really did get a bloody nose! Ha! ChEaP tickets.

The next day....

For the actual FoUrTh we had a very chill evening at Huntington beach. Yes, yes it was ridulous to find parking. Next year if we do it again, we will bring our bikes rather than walk a mile. Once at the beach though we had plenty of space to our selves in the sand. The kids were so content to play in the sand. The beach is the best playground on Earth to Bryce. 

We played a little soccer in the sand and ate sunflower seeds. We had the FIFA  and the Angles on our brains! The waves were huge as a storm from NZ was rolling in. It was awesome to smell and listen to the wind and waves. Boats came out from the harbors to watch the show.  And I have to say it was a very good show. Lasted probably 30 mins with a great grandfinally. The only thing lacking was music. 

 Bryce was not a fan of the fireworks. Closed his eyes the entire time. 

We had a happy fun content fourth, missed our friends and family like crazy, but there is always next year.
Happy Fourth


Jivin' Johnson's said...

I think the beach sounds like the most wonderful place to watch fireworks.....and all the entertainment while you wait :) Hope you guys are felling better soon~

des said...

hahaha you always put the funniest pictures on..I love it. Thanks for putting the pictures up- I miss you guys tons

The Shelton Family said...

love the last picture-so funny:)

Kurt and Michelle said...

Looks like so much fun! We sure miss you guys, it is fun think about our first four of July married and we were with YOU!

Erin said...

Even though you were sick, I'm glad you guys were still able to have a good 4th! What a good idea to go to the beach! Hope you're feeling better!

Emily K Jacob A said...


You guys look great! I can't believe how much your kids' hair has grown already! SOOO crazy!

And you look fabo! Good luck at the triathlon on the 31st. That's so awesome! I am cheering for you!

Glad you had a happy 4th and that your family is all back together and happy again. ;)

Angie & Neal said...

We missed ya at the BBQ too! But looks like you had a blast! I love that last pic! Too funny!