Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Big Fat Greek Halloween !

I like to do theme Halloweens last year we did the Peter Pan and Tinker Bell thing. This year togas seemed easy enough so thats what we did! Brandon and I were Zeus and Athena while Addi was an angel and Bryce a devil! I feel bad for the little guy though.... He looked so adorable but everyone kept thinking he was a girl! Not sure if it was the red, the toga, or the sparkles on his horns? Maybe all?! He and Addi were cute! People would say.. Awe why does he have to be the devil? Really.. no reason ;)
Okay... let me tell you a little about our night! It was crazy!!

First of all we meet up with some friends.. and snapped all the pics below while waiting for the rest of the possey.  Then we headed over to a popular trick-or-treating street to have a little traditional fun and it turned out to be a down right carnival!! One thing about Cali is they know how to PARTY! Hola!

I am not exaggerating about any of this.. Other MOMMY FRIENDS that went will attest!  So we start down this road and there are some cute houses decorated with big blow-up characters, one house even had a huge carnival popcorn popper out handing out delicous popcorn. The next house balloons and a bag of candy for each kid. Pretty impressive! worth the trip. Then we round the corner and there is a house decked out in Winnie the Pooh fun stuff.. and they gave everyone WHOLE candy bars! Score!

Then we make it down the road a bit and it turns into a down right block party!! Seriously every other house had huge speakers playing music like thriller or spooky sounds, a lady had a table that was serving apple cider, then probably 4-5 houses had there garages all done up as haunted houses, one lady had this big thrown in the middle of her driveway that you had to step up to get candy from her, she was surrounded my literally a forest of glowing trees. There were strobe lights, black lights, fake fog, and everything else! It was insane! and the streets were packed with people! Their were so many people that a few people had there houses blocked off and were having dinner parties to watch the trick-or-treaters. Hah! I didnt bring my camera and it was dark anyhow but it was amazing. Just a regular neighborhood too.

Then we went to downtown Brea, a very quaint city just next door that has an awesome "downtown" with resturants, 2 Edward 12s next to each other, designer shops, stand up comedy and live entertainment every other night. Any how, they had a big free halloween party for kids, with a petting zoo, pony rides, face painting, games, 3 enourmous blow-up toys/slides, and a rock/punk concert going on. We hit this up at the end of trick or treating and they were going to close soon, so they were literally pouring the candy into our bags just to get rid of it. Addi was so confused of why they were just lusciously giving her candy! needless to say, if candy was included in food storage... we would be set!

It was a fun night, never boring in Cali. (With as much as we pay in rent it better not be though! So don't be jealous.. just come visit!)

and a few pics....

more will be added when I get them from Erin (ESPN zone) the other kids were so cute in there costumes, I only had my camera when we were with the Pfau's.

lady in red... sry brycie
Lady Ruby Bug


krystal, ruby, and zak

Photobucket the cocked knee... I guess thats what she thinks "Smile" means?


hope you all had a great one too!!


Chad and Carly Carlson said...

Cute costumes! You guys look amazing! Wish I could have been there to drink hot cider with you!

Des said...

you are one HOT MAMA! man. I LOVE that first picture, it is pretty fun!
And Addi's painted face- what did you use for her glow. she is a little angel....and bryce could be the devil with those curls- he could get anyone to do what he says
man, I can't believe the halloween out there. That is so crazy, amazing and FUN.

Isaak and Jackie said...

those outfits rock. I too think addison's face looks beautiful. Sounds like such a blast in Cali. It must be the states with oceans nearby because my sister in Hawaii was having the same type of halloween parties there too. We'd love to come visit.

Angie & Neal said...

Oh my goodness, can I say just LOVE your costumes. So creative and cute. I heard about the awesome Halloween neighborhood fest, guess I'll have to go next year. Glad you had a great Halloween.

Michelle said...

Love Love the costumes, you are always so creative and crafty! And Bryce Does NOT look like a girl he is so adorable with that curly hair. Addison is such a doll, she is getting so big:)

Mandy Williams said...

Those are cool! I love the pic at the top. Did you do that in photoshop?

Spencer said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Bryce and Addi are the cutest little boogers EVER. :)

The Nielsen Clan said...

to answer your question mandy.. I just used picasa and went wild with the tuning features! photoshop would have been better though!

Giselle said...

Awesome costumes! You have the cutest family. You should all be on the cover a magazine. Your halloween celebration seems unreal, are you sure you didn't dream all that? too good to be true!

shellysanford said...

You have such a cute family!I miss you!

Shane and Amy Jo said...

You. Are. GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, such a babe! This was such a fun idea! And Bryce makes a darling girl!!! :)

Shauna said...

great costumes! looks like you guys are enjoying Cali!

Kristin said...

Awesome costumes. Wow you guys look so cute! And You are so pretty Aub. Seriously should have been a model! That is cool about the entire neighborhood going all out! How fun! Miss you!

The Nielsen Clan said...

wow, you guys are all really flattering... my make up is caked on and photo-editing is nice! addi is the knock out of the family, I will have to watch out for her ;)

Hannah said...

girl- you are so gorgeous! I'm glad that you're liking Cali!

Anonymous said...

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