Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a good day...

Yesterday we headed to the beach. (This week is study week for Brando meaning No Class! yes he is studying alot and even brought notes to the beach)  We decided to try a different beach and headed to Newport and went out on the Balboa peninsula. The day was PERFECT. and for many reasons...
When we first arrived, we found free parking. Already we were happy. Then while waiting for our friends to arrive we walked around the docks and saw a seal! How fun? This was a first for Addi and she loved it! He was a cute little, well cute guy that was swimming around showing off a little!
There was a Merry-Go-Round and Ferris Wheel, Addi was in heaven again!
...Addison on the Ferris Wheel

Then we found a spot on the beach that was empty for at least 1/2 mile around! The weather was a nice breezy 85 degs (at the end of October! Crazy) and the waves were decent for boogie boarding. Happy kids soft sand! It was a good day....

Krystal and Zack Pfau played with us at Balboa. Their little girlie Ruby was a trooper! (BTW This little happy family was sealed in the San Diego Temple this weekend! We went, but I forgot my camera. Yes, I kicked myself many times! We played at a fun beach there too!)
.....meet ruby
...and family


Addison loves lookign for seashells, building castles in the sand, being buried.. the typical beach stuff. It is just nice to get out of the house and have some place to go where she is entertained for hours and being active! She is a little scared of the waves, which truly doesnt bother me! She chases them up and down as the crash and recede back and giggles the whole time.... she slept well last night :)

Brandon and Zack booging. Not sure if that is a word? The surf was a little hard. Short and strong crashing waves but still fun. Krystal and I got a little beat up too!
But if we went out far enough.. the ocean was just smooth! So nice to just float and gaze at the smog-lined horizon! Just take a deep breath and relax! Ha! It actually doesn't look so bad in the pictures.


 Lately Bryce has been my third leg. It is funny.. where ever I am there he is too. He plops on the couch by me and watches my shows, sits on the counter and watches me do dishes, I mean I know I am really exciting, but suddenly he seems to think so too. A week ago he didn't do this. Just funny...right now he is trying to push the buttons on my laptop. Anyway, this behavior didnt cease at the beach and I was regularly bombarded with sandy-snotty kisses. Yummy.
Photobucketand to top it all off the whole time... 
                              we were swimming with....



Des said...

ok are those really sharks or dolphines? Cause oceans freak me out just cause of the stupid shark shows. haha

anyway- that looks so fun. I'm so jealous. I seriously want to be in the sun right now- I'm not ready for the snow, snowing outside our window :( its only magical during the holidays.
Thos pics are so fun, I think because they are such good quality and you are good at taking them it make the whole experience look that much more desirable. haha

Des said...

oh and no joke, Syd looked at these pics and ran up stairs and got her suit and cover up on. and announced it was "time to go to the beach. I'll get some snacks, this is going to be a long drive." haha

Isaak and Jackie said...

how is it possible that we live only like two states away from each other and you are having 85 degree weather and we are freezing with wind and rain? I am glad you guys are having a blast, and congrats to your friends who just got sealed. Since Desarae is coming to visit you for Thanksgiving I think you should head up this way to visit her (and me).

Melody said...

So beautiful! I'm jealous! We were in Pocatello yesterday and had snow!

Erin said...

Looks like another successful beach trip! Fun fun. Your kids are cute. Also, I think those are dolphins, not sharks. We see dolphins every time we go to Huntington/Newport.

Michelle said...

So much fun! I always feel like the beach is one of the most relaxing places to be, you can just leave soak up the sun:) Glad you guys had fun!

Giselle said...

That looks so fun! I am so jealous! Cute swimsuit by the way! That must be a new one.
We miss you guys! Are you coming up for the holidays?

Oh, yes, I do have a brother-in-law that is a PA here in Twin Falls. He and his family moved here about a month ago. It's so fun to have them here. He told us he treated someone that knew us. I wasn't quite sure who it was, but now I know. How fun!

Kristin said...

Oh how I wish I lived by the beach... you want to know what I see right now as I look at my window?? SNOW! And that is a little scary that you were swimming with sharks. Can we come and visit??? And lay in the warm sun all day? That would be awesome. And aren't snotty kisses the best :)

Angie & Neal said...

I love your pictures! They look great! Glad you got to have some fun in the sun! It's the best when the hubby's can actually go with you :)