Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I know you think that I am kidding but I am not.. I did a triathlon last week! haha! It was crazy!
And I am so doing one again! I don't know where this ridiculous notion came from to do a triathlon, but my friend Giselle and I just decided that we were going to train for one, and chose the one right here in Twin. Probably wasn't the best for a beginner as you have to climb out of the canyon, on bike and running!

okay.. so the details, we swam 1/2 a mile around Dierkes lake.. (The little red dot in the right corner above the guys head and back was how far we went), then we biked 17 miles (about 2/3's a mile or so out of the canyon and the rest road) and back down in to the canyon then 5.1... mile run out of the canyon on a trail to paved road and back down. Truly it was pretty fun, we trained hard and were pretty prepared, except for that was the hottest day of the summer and the race didn't start until 10:30 am... (a race like this takes a few hours) so we were running in 100+ degs and blazing sun. Ever heard of heat stroke?! not kidding.


I am in the middle with the green swim cap and elbow in the air.

Tyson Rickards... Anyone remember him from high school?! I wish I would have gotten a picture of him... haha! he took second place in the entire race!!! and walked off and past out!! what a stud!

Addi and Bryce swam at the beach and played at the park.

The transition between swim and bike, Becca is sitting next to me. The transitions can be a little crazy and cramped.

Off for the 17 mile bike. Starting off with a leg burning climb!


Giselle taking off!


Finishing the run... just about dead.

This was probably the best moment of the race, the finish line in sight!!

Addison stealing my precious water.

I did alright for my 1st triathlon, I was about in the middle of all the women and took 3rd for my age group! yes folks that means I got a little medal.


Medal + Heatstroke = Totally worth it.

The race was fun, met a lot of outdoorsie athletic fun people, and I have found a good way to try and stay in shape....If you have never biked or swam you need to pick it up. Just running will kill your knees by the time you are 50 okay maybe 60. And it keeps working out fun!! Giselle and I had alot of really good talks on our long runs and had a blast swimming with Becca in dark water after the lifegaurds left the lake, a little freaky but fun! Good times.


Kristin said...

Aubrey I adore you! You are amazing!!!!! I wish I could have been there to cheer you on! And can I just say you are one hot mama! Good job Aub! That is really something to brag about. And pretty funny about Tyson. Ha!

Katy said...

Wow... I need to do this. I am really into running and I have no idea how to find out about stuff like this in Twin. Fill me in??

The Nielsen Clan said...

So the best place that a friend clued me into to find out about triathlons, duathlons, marathons, 5ks 10ks ect. is You can search for was ever type of sporting events you want near your city/state or even across the nation. Thats the website I used to find all the links to more stuff. Way fun. Twin has a Rim to Rim run coming up soon I think... you should look it up!

Hannah said...

all I can say are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurt and Michelle said...

So much fun!! That is the only way to try and stay in shape, get something to motivate ya, way to go!

Jones Family said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! That's pretty much all i have to say about that. I seriously can't imagine doing one of those. Honestly, it just sounds miserable and painful!!!!!! but....totally worth it I'm sure!! Good Job! and yes, you are one hot mama!!


Ben and Krystle said...

WOW!! Nice job, I don't think I could ever get in shape for that kind of a race. I about pass out after a mile and 1/2 run HAHA I know funny. I havent even had any kids yet!! There must be something wrong with me. Well nice job on your accomplishment that is awesome

Chad and Angie Ivie said...

way 2 go aub. get that brando to do it with you next time. You guys look great. Kids are so cute

Lara said...

Way to go sisser! I want that kind of determination! Love you!

Orton Family said...

Wow!!!!! Way to go!!! I am so proud of you! It almost made me cry just to look at the pictures. Way to set a goal and do it!!! Minus the heat stroke - I bet you felt so good after you recovered!

Shauna said...

that is so awesome that you got third place--way to go! that is so awesome. I have always secretly wanted to run a triatholon or do something like that. What a great way to stay ih shape! congrats!