Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Note from Cali

We made to Cali! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about it either. This last week has been crazy, and I think that it is just about slowed down, and that is why I finally can sit down and blog a bit (plus it helps that our internet if finally hooked up). Where to begin?! I guess the beginning.

We took off Tuesday evening, (thanks everyone who helped us load up) and started our trek. The drive is about 930 miles (12 hrs or so). But our U-haul maxed out at 60 mph, and we have kids that max out at 1 hr. So our trip took us about 20 hrs. We drove to Utah and made a pit stop to see my aunt MaryAnne, in from Ohio and her fun family, the finished driving to St. George and stayed at my grandparent’s vacation home overnight. We arrived at about 3am. Blah. But the kids slept through the whole of it which was nice. The next morning, up at 8 am and we were on the highway at about 10am.

This day the kids did surprisingly well.. and here’s why, A Gal from work gave me a tip that when she used to travel long distances she would go to the dollar store and buy as many toys per hour the trip took. So I bought 12 toys. Every hour Addison got a new toy and Bryce inherited the old toy. Worked pretty well along with a portable DVD player. Long story short we made it. Tired and a little car sick but we are here.

And Yes everyone knows that California is fun, sunny, bankrupt, and politically skewed, but what until you live here then you really see just what another country Cali is. It starts of when you cross the state border, I felt like I was going to Canada and needed to have my passport ready. Only they are asking for produce. Not marijuana, they would probably turn the cheek, but stuff like bananas. Ha! Ridiculous I know. So they searched our U-haul and ended up dumping my hung pot of flowers that I had been growing all summer!! Just like that, they were gone. I was peeved. Bienvenidos.

What else? Well here rent is expensive, and it is normal that all the complexes have a pool and sauna, but none have fridges. You can rent a fridge, but we decided to try and buy on off of craigs list, so after a week of Brandon deliberating over the best deal, quality, and figuring out how to get the dang thing. I finally broke down and begged for a fridge. Living out of a cooler for a week with kids is a nightmare. So we bought the first one the offered to deliver it to us! The picture looked great, fridge only ‘3 years old’, yata yata, and it was at a good price and the guy would deliver for only 30 bucks. So he gets here and he is the most ridiculous character we have ever met. Taking to complete strangers and he says “naked chics” 7 times in 3 sentences. I kid you not. He has the sides of his head shaved, with a short fat Mohawk, goatee, darkly tanned, muscle shirt, and stocky but toned. Apparently he is a pro wrestler and is training is scrawny assistant to be one too. (The kid couldn’t speak a 3 word phrase in English but understood “naked chic’s”) Crazy!

So we get the fridge inside and it is filled with frozen ants. But it works, so we bust out our strongest disinfectants. Then after about 10 mins of cleaning it suddenly shuts of. I about have a break down. But I guess that’s what I get for being impatient. So we say prayers, Brandon fiddles around with it, and I take a metal brake and eat a piece of bread with peanut butter. All we have. After about 30 mins it miraculously turns on! And stayed on! I cannot tell you how nice of an amenity a fridge is. And why they aren’t standard in these apartments beats me. Especially when you are paying nearly 2 grand a month in rent. Again, Cali is crazy!

Well for a positive note. We love our ward. The Church is so great. It truly was a breath of fresh air to go to church and have one thing that is consistent. The people were SO excited to have us in the ward, almost overly excited. Apparently no one ever moves in. The ward consisted of primarily 50 + year olds and maybe a handful of families. We met 1 couple under 30. So I think that it is literally that no one moves. They were all fun and bubbly people, that knew each other so well. A true family. I already have had one lady tell me that she stared at us the entire sacrament meeting and didn’t need to worry, because she was adopting me. (She called me to let me know too) I guess she wanted first dibs.

Things are generally good. We’ve already been to the beach, six flags, downtown Disney, and another angels game, but I will post later with pics. We miss Idaho like crazy. Addi keeps asking to go to grandmas houses and to go to play group. So everyone needs to keep in touch and update blogs so we can see the latest! Miss you all.


Kurt and Michelle said...

That is so so exciting! Another chapter in your life starting:) Have you gotten to see my friend Aubrey Richardson yet? Are you going to be working? What an adventure, one I am sure you will remember forever!

Kristin said...

I was going to call you and see when you were moving. Now I know. I am glad you got to Cali safe! And you are a saint to ride with two kids for 20 hours in a moving truck! That fridge thing is so crazy! I can't believe it just quit after you got it! I am sure you are so glad to just be there and are starting to feel a little more settled! I know how it goes with moving and it is not fun! Miss you. Hope everything goes well with Brandon's school and that the kids adjust well!

Giselle said...

Sounds crazy and fun all at the same time! Sorry about your refrigerator experience, but sounds like it turned out all right in the end. I'm glad you have a good ward. It always helps to be LDS when you in a different place.

Giselle said...

Sounds crazy and fun all at the same time! Sorry about your refrigerator experience, but sounds like it turned out all right in the end. I'm glad you have a good ward. It always helps to be LDS when you in a different place.

JohnAndVal said...

Definately sounds like Cali haha. Our ward in San Diego sounds identical to your current one. I hope your fridge continues to work, mostly so you don't have to meet anymore of the type that sold you it :) Yikes! It sounds like your settling nicely though and having lots of fun...can't wait to see more pics!

shellysanford said...

Congrats!! What a huge adventure! your kids are beautiful!

Megan said...

It takes some time to adjust to a new place! Be careful though! No more Craig's list for you guys!!!! That's scary! I need to email you the pictures I have of your triathalon! We miss you guys. I hate walking past all of these empty apartments! : ) Keep blogging! It's nice to hear how you are doing!

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