Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Soooo exciting!!


My sister started an Etsy shop a while ago selling skirts that looks like this for little girls! They are so fun....she calls them Twirling skirts because it has so much fabric that it twirls like a jewel. I love them because they are long, and funky. And she makes them the size you want and the colors you want all for about $15-$20....depends on the fabric $$. Way cheaper than other etsy stores, and pretty comparable to the ones at like Target. (plus you can get a whole outfit with great decals...like retro birds and stuff (Just go Here and click on SALES...right column, to see some of the cutest outfits)

Anyway- she just added my favorite. Boy TIES! she can make them from ages 6mo to 10 years old...and she can do whatever colors you want. Really reasonable, I'm definitely getting a couple.
She is coming to Twin THIS WEEK! so she is offering FREE SHIPPING till the END of July...
You can buy them straight from her etsy shop,
or for a custom order, questions, comments- email her @


She makes the TOTALLY Unique! The back is a different pattern or color. like this one with the retro circles as its back.

Probably a BIG question your asking yourself is IF your little boy will wear it??? WEll her son, who is 17 months wears it during the WHOLE 3 hours of church. No problem.

These are the fabrics she will be making some more ties out of....

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Isaak and Jackie said...

you two are just too hard to keep up with always a new cute craft I am impressed.