Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So I have had blog-itist. (mayo clinic would describe the symptoms being bloggers block [differential diagnosis may be writers block], lack of pictures, loss of interest, temp of 85 deg outside and sunny, and many other concerning symptoms) HENCE the lack of posting for basically the last month!

But don't Fret! A few afternoon treatments with my camera and kids and now I am back!

A few Exciting words though before I blab about my kids....

A. Brandon was excepted to what is called WHICHE... and was award $15,100 for just this first year of tuition in optometry school!!Yes we sang a few casual Halleluiah's. (This means I get to stay home more and not fret about debt!)

Just tuition is going to be 26-27,000 not including fees and equipment and all the other pricey jumbo that goes along with school just this first year. The only catch is that he has to come back to Idaho to work~ and there should be no problem there... I am already scoping out property :)
B. Really there is no more, but that was a pretty good one huh?!
Okay now for the kids. They are fun and goofy as normal. We had a good afternoon at the park.
Bryce and Glasses of any sort are a trip! And Addison Love to dress him up too... poor kid.

And the best part of the afternoon as follows... Every so often I have to perform the ORAL CAVITY check... similar to what we do in the hospital on psych or suicide patients that hoard their meds to save and swallow at one time either for death or for a dramatic high. Normally I find rocks, sticks, leaves, toys, toliet paper (beats me of why this would be appealing), hair from Addisons dolls, and the list could go on forever. But this particular ORAL check popped out a suprise! A cigarette butt! I was repulsed!! my baby chewing tobacco!? I geuss there might be one reason if he acts a little goofy tonight.

And had to throw this one in.. got to love the great outdoors.


Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

Oh yeah! Your back! Love Bryce's hair! And a CIG in his mouth.... oh nasty! Glad you are having great weather. I am still waiting for summer here! Bryce looks so much bigger! miss you!

Jivin' Johnson's said...

I love the park, I can't wait till Braxton can play on his own when we go! That is so exciting that you are going to get tuition help! :) Can't wait to visit you in Cali!!!

shellysanford said...

Oh what a cute family!!! I love your pictures it is fun to see. when will you be moving back here?

des said...

aw, I love em! They are so cute, and Bryce has awesome curly hair :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the scholarship! School is sooo expensive, but worth it in the end (I keep telling myself that).

Ben and Krystle said...

YUCK a cigarette butt. I am sure he will turn out jsut fine!! His hair is adorable, when he gets older and lets that hair grow out a bit all the girls are going to fall head over heals for that boy!! Love ya!!