Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcome Home Blake!!!!

Blake (Brandon's brother) came home from his mission this last week in St. Louis Missouri! We are so excited to have him home. He and Brandon are so goofy when they are around each other it is fun to sit back and watch the show. This weekend has already been full of stuff and Saturday isn't even over.... so don't worry more pictures to come. This is kind of a goody picture... but shows his personality!

Jaime and Jarom (Brandon's Sis and her hubby) came into town with their 5 kiddos. Yesterday was Alex's birthday so we threw a family BBQ to celebrate and have family time together with Blake being home.
Grandpa's and Bryce. If you are a grandpa... then Bryce will love you. No doubt.
And we love Olga :)

Met the Girls....from youngest to oldest. (I'll get some pictures of their little monster Nathan later.. the ones I had were all blurry.)

One of the best parts was the awesome weather and beautiful pool! I seriously love swimming. Summer would just not be summer with out it. Sorry Brando but you better start saving for our pool someday!Even Bryce joined in the fun.. Addi and her bubbles. To peas in a pod.

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Shauna said...

looks like a lot of fun. It's so fun to have all the cousins together. Jarom's girls are so cute.