Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We found our camera!! Under our bed, the last place we would ever look~but alas it tis found! Here are some pictures that I took a while ago (our Christmas tree was still up). But they are some fun pictures of Addison and Bryce. They got these towels for Christmas and I love them because the are so big... Addison's is a duckie and Bryce's is a froggie. I just loved that picture of Bryce sucking his fingers saying 'I heart u!'

We are also working on Bryce physically maturing.. he is almost 6 months and has rolled over twice, sits up for maybe 2 seconds by himself and just barely started to stand up when we hold him. I don't think that it is necessarily because he is slow physically, but just that he has such a big body! His shoulders are very wide probably making it hard for him to turn over on. And just in general he is a heavy and thick boy.. his little muscle have a lot of work to do!! Isn't he just so cute!

This is the funniest picture of Addison! Let me explain... no we are not trying to suffocate our children! One day Addison had bonked her nose and was crying and demanding a band aid on it..kisses and band aids heal all wounds to her.... so Brandon tried to put a band aid over the top of her nose and she said No- Here! and she points to the bottom of her nose. So Brandon kept trying to put it on her nose so that at least one nostril was open but she just kept crying until it was like this!

Once she was happy she went along playing with her toys and about 30mins later she feel asleep, it was around nap time and this is how she looked! Brandon snapped a vogue photo and took of the bandaid! She is the craziest little girlie!


Shauna said...

That is too funny with the bandaid. I can't believe how big Bryce is now--holy cow how time flies. What a cutie. We miss you guys and hope all is well.

shellysanford said...

this is great! cute kids! what is your email address I would love to stay in touch a little more.

Desarae said...

Man, Bryce is so cute. I look at him and love his little (big) eyes. But at the same time I don't even know him and that makes me sad. Those towels are awesome- where did you get those ones? I like that they are big- even though they have tiny bodies they need big towels.
Oh and Addi and her nose- cracked me up like no other. So cute. one WEEK!
hey post your big news!!!??

Katie and Clark said...

Aubrey--These pictures are so cute! I think you guys have the cutest kids ever!

Kristi M. said...

Cute Bryce has nothing to worry about. Gunnar was about 13 months old before he consistantly rolled, crawled and walked. He ended up doing all three so close together but at an older age. To each kid their own, right. That bandaid thing just made me laugh.

Isaak and Jackie said...

those are way cute pictures, I love the sign language. Too funny about the band aid, kids are hilarous.