Wednesday, January 14, 2009

moments never to forget!

Well, we can't find our cameras. Given we haven't looked very hard, but they are not in their normal places so.. until I get the motivation to look... they are lost for now :) I do want to post a few things though just as memories for myself~ kids are so funny and do the craziest things that you swear you'll remember that moment in time forever, but you forget the next day! I actually keep a little journal for each child that occasionally I'll write little letters to them in or just little tidbits of silly things that the do in. But this blog is our family journal that I get published into books so I need to include some things here too! That is why I am posting some random things right now.. so me, mom, will never forget how funny my little munchkins can be! oh and my husband too.. sorry if I get personal!

As she would say "I'm Ahsen Nilsen and I am two half" as she holds up three fingers.

The other day, my mom said to her some thing to the effect of "Come on little girl" and She replied.."I'm not LITTLE, I'm MEDIUM!"

Her and her dad have this funny thing that they do and this is how it goes,
Dad asks for a kiss
Addison says okay and gives him one.. Then either one of them will continue to say"Hmmmm... What else?" "Teapot kiss" "Okay" Hmmm what else" High Five?" Okay"Hmmm... what else?"Eskimo kiss?" Okay!" Hmmm.. what else?"Butterfly kiss?"Okay!" Hmm.. what else?"Head bonk?"okay!" ..... and on and on it goes! They are so funny together! She is definently a Daddies girl.

Addison loves to dance.. meaning that she will run around in circle and eventually stop and bend over and stick one leg up in the air and say, "look mommy! I dancin'!" She is a True Nielsen!

Bryce is a goofy little monster. He loves to suck on his lips.. half the time he is making fish lips. he doesn't have any teeth yet, and looks like a little old man that forgot his dentures! so funny!

He is sleeping like a champ in his crib and loves to holler out these screaching high pitched yells and hold them till he runs out of breath! and then he'll be silent for the next 20 mins as he sucks on his fingers or lips and hollers again.

We feed him rice cereal for the first time to days ago and he gagged on it! but as every day goes by he seems to like it more.

And Brandon.. I am still working full time at the hopsital which can be totally exhausting.. litterally working 13 hour day and sitting down maybe if I am lucky for 2 hrs of the shift! Ridiculous. anyhow. Brandon takes care of the house and kids while I work so that I can chillax on my days off and enjoy the kids rather then worry about the laundry. Thanks honey! But particularly this last Monday after I had to work the entire weekend, Brandon let me sleep in and made this list titled "Make Munah Happy List" below was this big list of chores all will boxes to check off when done. By the time I woke up, they were all done but 2, scrubbing the tub and vaccuming (noted: because they were to loud and would wake munah up). I can't tell you what a good day it was to sleep in and then just play with my kids and husband in a clean home! Thank you so much honey for your hard work! I'll repay you some day when the tables are turned! promise

Any how, Life is life, hard times and good times. I just wanted to always remember these good times in mine! 'Come what may, and love it!'


Geoff, Becky and Macie said...

Hey there guys. Sorry we never came back to Twin on our vacation. I was so looking forward to get together. Our girls would have had a blast. You should just come to school out here in Ohio. Good luck with the interviews and hope everything works out. Sorry to hear about grandma Nielsen. Hope the family is all doing okay. You guys take care.

Isaak and Jackie said...

those are some sweet memories. I try to write in my hournal funny things that my girls do to or even they new developments so I can remember when they started walking and such. Glad you and Brandon take care of each other so well. Miss ya!

Des said...

Those were awesome posts. I like the one on Willadean. I wish we were there for you guys. :( and reading this post was hilarious! kids are cute- and you are fun to read, you know not all are fun to mine, that's why I do pictures. but you have such a fun personality I love to read it.
oh and awesome on the hair bow thing! I need to do it :) haha. and here is the website tha tI got instructions on how to do the blog design...It just gives general- but you can get the jist then start playing around with it. I still need to fix my banner :) opps. There is so much to do, but it can take forever so I just to the minimum.

Jivin' Johnson's said...

Hey Aub how much are your nursing shields? I'm finding that one could be very convient..... I'm sure I could get one local, but it would be more fun if it was hand made by my cuz! Let me know!

Ben and Krystle said...

I hope you find your camera SOON I love seeing new pictures of your little ones! Your kids are so awesome I can't wait to start haveing my own. I hope you are copeing well with the passing of Brandon's Grandma.

Jivin' Johnson's said...

Hey my address is 20 Wanda LaVerkin, Utah 84745.........I couldn't find where I put your e-mail address!!

Jivin' Johnson's said...

Hey my address is 20 Wanda LaVerkin, Utah 84745.........I couldn't find where I put your e-mail address!!