Monday, December 29, 2008

In Loving Memory...

Many of you already know but I just wanted to have this in my own records. Willa Dean Nielsen, Brandon 's dear grandma past away Dec. 29th 2008 at St. Luke Magic Valley. After her stroke her condition in general never seemed to improve. After having to make very difficult decisions regarding her care the family decide to have a feeding tube placed so that she would get nutrition to her brain and organs. Unfortunate the efforts did not seem to increase her health. Everyday her breathing became a little more labored until her spirit decided to return Home.

Willa Dean was such a classy lady and has touch so many peoples lives through out the years. And has inspired so many to enjoy life with the art of Dance. She has raised such an amazing family that I am proud to be apart of. She is such a wounderful and beautiful woman and the Heavens are lucky to have her. Even on her death bed, her nails were well polished! We will miss you Grandma! And We Love You So Much!

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Kristi M. said...

I love seeing the way back when pictures. They are always so neat. I am so sorry to hear that. Going through a similar thing, I am learning that a stroke is never an easy thing to understand.