Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Little Monkeys..


Addison is SO funny! Just recently she has started to sing songs! She never would before.. Addi would just tell us "No you sing it silly!" We caught her in a good mood to perform and grabbed it on video. She is at first distracted by the lens in the camera calling it a 'hole.' She is changing so much! She says some of the goofiest things too.. when I remember I'll post them!


Ryan, Stephanie, and Taiton said...

That's a cute video! I love your new family picture too!!

Stafford Family said...

family picture is awesome and Addison couldn't be more adorable. So glad she was in the mood to sing!

Reid, Kim, and Cohen said...

Hey! Its so good to hear from you! Your family is the cutest!!! Lets keep in touch! Hope everything is going well! Happy Holidays!

Des said...

hahaha That is so funny. I love how she says there is a hole momma. and won't sing it loud. she did a great job!!
Sydney kept trying to talk to her! I couldn't explain it well enought for her to understand that she wasnt there? haha. WE LOVE YOU!!