Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So it is true I have regressed back to the days of my youth and am trying to bring back the 80's!! Perms, LA gear gel, purple eyeshadow. And what is worse is that I am projecting it on to my daughter!! haha! We gave her a perm this last week! and I have to say, it is soooo cute.

I had been thinking for a while what to do about her mop of hair. She has this funny cowlick that makes all her hair fall forward into her face. It has gotten pretty bad since her hair has grown. Plus When I am frequently gone at work, Brandon is left trying to clip a bow in her stringy wild hair and it just doesn't work out. No hair cut seemed to help either, so I resorted to a PERM!! and I am glad that I did! she calls her curls her boing-boings.

The perm was actually pretty easy and only cost me ten bucks! My mom Cindy in all her expertise for the 30 she did on me as a kid, did Addison's for the most part. We just played the movie Beauty and the Beast and she was a champ!
Addisons first Perm!!


angie said...

oh this brings me back to the day! I used to get perms all the time!

Shauna said...

super cute hair! I never would of thought to perm hair so young. I had many a perm in my day! My mom always did mine too!