Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Father and Son

This post is dedicated to the men in my life!! Brandon and Brcye!! First of all it was Brandon's 26th birthday a few days ago and I want to wish him and Happy Birthday! We didn't do too much for it but have tickets to a Jazz game in February as his present. We are excited about that! also Bryce is now 4.5 months old! He is getting so big and is such a funny little man! He loves to suck on his hands and also drools like crazy- this means that his face is constantly wet and his clothes are always soaked. He also has started doing this weird thing. We put him in his crib with his head at one end then will end up finding him with his head at the other end. We are still trying to figure out how he is able to turn his body in a circle. He is such a chill baby, I am very luck! and I am very luck to have such an awesome husband!
I love you Brando! Thanks for being such a great hubby!


Lara said...

How cute, I love the updates. Oh the days of yore when perms were the shiznit. Love it.
Jax saw Addi and said "Ooh Ooh Baybuh!" ha ha!

Kristi M. said...

I seriously think boys are just easy and only have the one I guess I am a little biased. Jeff's mom and mine both say the same thing though. He is getting so cute!

Ben and Krystle said...

Hey Aub,
I love Addi's hair it looks great!! I bet it will keep it our of her face and maybe a little easier for Brandon to deal with. Bryce looks so big in the picture where he is sitting upright in the chair it looks like a dora the explorer chair. But anyways I miss you guys and I still haven't met little Bryce and the last time I saw Addi in person was when she was born. HOLY COW. I know everyone is busy with their lives, and you live 2 hours away, but I really do miss you and hope that we could get together sometime. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas this year.

Shauna said...

Bryce is getting big and changing so much. they grow so fast.