Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scrapbooking~ digital or not??

So I have seen on peoples blogs these adorable pictures of their kids all decked out with fun decorations and I have been trying to figure how they were doing it! Everyone always said that they used Paint, and I was like sure you used 'Paint.' The best I can get out of 'Paint' is a stick man with uneven eyes!!

Well I kind of figured it out how they are doing it! The new version of 'Paint' is a simplified version of Photoshop... which I have used previously to make Christmas cards and such. But How are they making all the swirls and backgrounds and fun things that would take an individual like myself day to construct digitally! Well there are websites that let you download free digital scrapbook accesories, I have found . (let me know if you know more). So once you have the downloads it is just a matter of compiling them together! personally I like photoshop better... it is hard to use but allows you to do more to your layers.

Anyhow, I have just been playing around with this digital scrapbooking and I not sure if I have fallen in love with it yet. Sure I really appreciate it~ there are sooo many things that you can do!
But after 15 mins of starring at a computer screen I start to get headaches. Plus I am a really hands on person and just find some sort of sense of accomplishment out of doing things with my hands (crappy or not ;) ). It might be cheaper...still not sold on that part because I am a bargan shopper with paper and don't use many 'decals' when I scrapbook.

So why does this matter? I am in the middle of the paper world and digital world. I have a bunch of papers and pictures printed of to scrapbook more but plenty that is just waiting. I don't really think that a mixed media would work? But I want to keep working on my kids scrapbooks but don't know how to continue so that it all flows. Suggestions??


Kristi M. said...

I totally know how you feel. I started digitally scrapping in May of this year. I sell a lot of paper scrapping on Etsy and so my desk was never clean for just my stuff. It would take forever to switch them all out. I have really enjoyed digital scrapping Gunnar's things and I have really been able to catch up. I've found some really neat sites too. On the right hand side of my blog, I have started to compile all of my digital scrapping sites. Most are free but some you do buy the kits. They are some of my favorites. I feel that buying a kit for $6 that can be used over and over is a huge savings. I too am a bargain shopper but it still adds up especially when I look at all that is still sitting there unused. A friend and I also found a site that will print 12x12 pages for $1.50 with flat rate shipping. That is SO inexpensive compared to other places. I just do a little bit of both and have really come to love it. Now that I have rambled, I hope that helps.

Nicole P said...

Hi, I just found your blog through a google alert for digital scrapbooking. I have tons of links to free digital downloads and I could list them here for you, but it would be time consuming.
So go here to a forum that I chat on and read all of the links that I posted a couple of weeks ago.
Good luck with it. Digital is very fun!!

Stafford Family said...

I think you are great for scrapbooking I love it but it takes so much time if you really want it to look nice so I have decided on sheets that you can just slip the picture into.

Robert and Hannah said...

I just started digital scrapbooking also. Kristi helped alot in getting started. My blog header was done with Photoshop. I like not having the mess everywhere and having the kids mess up what I am working on if I leave it for a few minutes!

Tim and Laura Allen said...

Hey Aub,
Just wanted to let you know that the next play date is dec. 12th at 3:30. We are going to decorate sugar cookies. I'm planning on having it at my house unless a lot of ppl are planning on coming. If I get a lot of responses on the blog we'll have it at the Harrison church. I'll have a better idea when it gets closer and i'll keep you posted. Hope to see ya there

Lara said...

Just wanted to stop by and say I was thinking about you and I miss you. Hope you have the merriest Christmas ever. I love me some aubs!!