Thursday, November 8, 2007


Addi has always loved to play peekaboo but recently she's been playing it with the shower curtain! It is hilarious because we can always see her toes or shoes sticking out. She'll run under there and giggle to her self as if she is sure she fooled us! What a nut!
What A BUM!! HAHA! just want to pinch it!

She also likes to practice going potty.. one day she suddenly stripped down and played potty! She even wanted to wipe her bum at the end!


Nate, Des & Sydney said...

Haha! they all made me laugh sooo hard. She is so cute.

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...


That is so cute! She is getting so big! Oh and i love the picture of her in the is hilarious!

Brianne said...

Addison is so stinkin cute! Love the pictures.

jomamma said...

Aubrey! hey i found your blog through Katy and just wanted to say your family is soo cute. you and brandon look great and your little girl is soo cute!!! and good work on getting your dual degree. that rocks!!