Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back from Neverland

Hello Everyone! Yes I know I am terrible about updating, but we are here and surviving! Once school started, this whirlwind of tests, papers, babysitters, and late night clinicals started and frankly~ we are spent! When people ask them how I am doing, I simply reply, "My eye twitches" and smile! They can figure out the rest I guess!

Amidst this crazy monster of school we have gotten to do a few fun things such as trips to grandma's and such. We when to the Twin Falls County fair and Addison had a blast on the rides! She cried as we walked away from them.

This was soo funny! So one night I was getting Addi ready for bed, meaning that I got her in to the tub, brushed her teeth, clean diaper with new pj's. She likes to play a bit after the bath so I let her as I fix her bottle. While in the kitchen talking to Brandon I heard a couple of thuds and Addison started screaming! I run to the bathroom and found her like this! She was playing with the bubbles or trying to get a toy out and fell into the draining tub! Haha! She wasn't hurt at all but was doing that my feelings are hurt cry because she knew she messed up her pj's and diaper! She is so funny!
Also for those show don't know~ my cutie pie bro Brock came home from the Dominican Republic to have surgery on his wrist that he broke a year ago in the MTC! He was having a lot of swelling, pain and tingling in it so they figure that they better fix before there is any permanent damage. The surgery went well and they remove 3 wrist bones that were badly fractured and not healing. (Now his left wrist will be shorter that his right! Poor Boy! Anyways the weekend before his surgery Andy (the hunk without his shirt on) had a swim meet here in Nampa so my dad and Brock came up to watch him! We had a good time! Brock should be returning in a few weeks to the DR assuming he doesn't have any complications like an infection! We are praying!

So I need to explain the flowers above... One week was particularly crazy and Brandon and I were not handling it well...really I wasn't and Brandon was responding to my craziness poorly. To say I was sorry one morning I wrote him and note and told him how bad I felt for making Halloween come early. When I came home from class, there were these gorgeous flowers with a note from him apologizing too! He is such a stinking sweetie! Anyways I have to show off the flowers that he choose because they were seriously gorgeous and bloomed for about a week! Things are great between us and we are managing the stress better. Hopefully it won't be to long before I update again! Miss you all!


Nathan said...

I like reading what you wrote- you have a good "voice" I can picture you saying it all. It's pretty funny, the thing about Addi made me laugh, such a sad picture though. I'm glad you updated-I check all the time to see if there is anything new. Love you!

Nathan said...

sorry- me again...didn't mean to bust your bubble by it saying 2 comments and they are both from ME! anyway I wanted to say that I liked the comment about Halloween coming early...I should use that one.

Brianne said...

Poor Addison but love the picture. I hope all is going better with the stress. You both have a lot on your plate and it's bound to catch up every once in a while. Hang in there!! How nice for you to be able to see your brother half way into his mission. I hope things get better for him!