Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today was a jolly good day. Full of scrubbing, dusting, moving furniture and rearranging! Don't you know how some times you just get sick of your same ol' stuff and don't have the $ to go get something new. Well I have found that a little re-arranging makes it all feel new again. At least for a few more months. SOOO that's what I made Brandon help me with all day. And I am refreshed! Plus we had to make room for our Christmas decor coming out tomorrow!! So excited!!!!!!! Aren't you? for Christmas I mean! To top of the day, I finally showered at 4 in the afternoon then the family had a little night out on the town and saw....
Yes, Tangled. It was adorable. Tender. Clever. Made me tear a little. And so fun. Worth every penny.  All I can say is I wish I had glowing long locks. :)

Stay tuned in, tomorrow I am going to post about my "Cut the Cake" party to find out what gender I am having! 

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des said...

It made Sydney tear up too. haha. loved it.