Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blissfully Sweet

Congratulations to Blake and Ciera!! 

My Brother-in-law Blake was just married this weekend to the beautiful Ciera in the Twin Falls Temple! It was a beautiful wedding and the couple are just so cute together! They were even blessed to have a beautiful blanket of snow covering the ground. It was a splendid day with tons of pictures! So you can enjoy tons of collages! 
We had to snap a few family pictures all dressed up and beautiful scenery

Snapshots of the wedding luncheon
My mom, brother Connnor and Brandon's dad playing with the kids on the Temple grounds. 
 And my baby bump that is starting to grow uncontrollably! 17 weeks along here!

I have just loved being home with family and enjoying a true winter season with scarves and hot cocoa! I love California, but the holidays just don't see right with out a crisp chilly air. Addison tells me daily that she LOVES Idaho and wants to live here forever. I am sure she would say the same thing if we lived in the middle of the safari desert but all her family was there! Just a few more years of school Addison and we will be closer, for now we cherish our quick trips home and growing family.

Welcome to the Family Ciera! We are so excited to have you! 


Jivin' Johnson's said...

You look adorable! The weather turned out perfect for a wedding, not snowing but pretty and white!

The Shelton Family said...

You look so cute! Seriously enjoy Cali while it lasts cause I miss it:(

Kurt and Michelle said...

So glad you got to be there! Looks like Kurt's meetings in January got moved to Washington, we were so looking forward to seeing you guys:(

des said...

you have great pictures of it all. It looks like it was a (cold) beautiful day. She's so pretty.