Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bryce is 2 !

My sweet little boy is 2. I have to ask this a good thing that he is that much closer to potty training, talking in sentences, getting his own food, and just plain progressing in life? Or is this a sad to mean that his chubby legs are almost gone, he won't always let me kiss him like crazy and want to snuggle and read stories, we have to pay for him to fly now (big one), he soon won't make the jibberish sounds that to him mean encyclopedias.  Isn't this the Irony of motherhood? And why we shed happy tears but are still crying?  

okay.. enough deep thoughts.. Bryce is 2 like it or not! So we might as well party! While we were still home in Idaho I held a little birthday party with the families. Now I have to say that it wasn't much, really, much at all. We didn't really have the time to prepare anything so we had a BBQ and cup cakes with gifts.. and Bryce was in heaven! 

He is totally in LoVE with Cars (and Cars the movie) and Buzz Lightyear (Buzz being one of the few words he says that makes sense). So we did a light Buzz theme and had a cupcake cake. Gifts were Buzz and Car oriented and he just was in awe at all the awesome toys in one setting! I really will miss how simple it is to please him. awe of the choochoo
Bryce's new favorite treat.. Cake pops!

And more cupcakes and presents!! this little boy was in heaven. 

Addi was more excited than he was about the candles.

and more toys.. see how long his hair was? Here in the humidity it is always more curly and shorter.. as soon as we hit Idaho's DRY parchingly dry desert Bryces hair was straight and grew an inch over night. I know everyone thought I was a little neglectful of his locks, and now he does have a hair cut, still plenty of curly left. 

Bryce is such a cute boy.. I just need to make a few mommy notes for his 2 year old landmarks... pardon my boringness. 

Bryce ...

  • LoVes cars, calls them mmmmm mmMMmm's, and always carries one in his hand. Every where including when he naps. They are his security blanket. 
  • Loves Popsicle's, milk, juice, chicken nuggets,  strawberries, entire apples (won't eat them cut) and rice and sand that's about all. Everything else he will tolerate if he is hungry enough.
  • Loves to play with his sister Addi, and is not to bad at sharing with her. He is very loving and will give you a bite of his apple any day. 
  • Is surprisingly a shy little man. He takes a while to warm-up but once he trusts you he will love you. All or nothing, literally. 
  • Is a little slow on the speech side but has his own methods of communicating and is very smart. 
  • Is also a bit introverted, at the park he prefers play with his cars and sand. He needs alone time.. and finds that with his nap time, which he LOVES and crawls in the crib for. The easiest kid to put down for bed. When I rock him and start to sing a song, he knows its coming and cries and points to the crib before I am even one verse in to the song. 
  • Loves to take baths but will not allow any toy but these 2 ugly little play people in the bath with him. Every time I attempt to put the boat, ball, car, or whatever in for his fun he throws it out immediately along with half the bath water. 
  • Lastly, he can give the best evil eye. Nose and lips all curled up, people frequently think he is an angry little soul, but he is not. Just has a really good glare. 
 Bryce is such a funny little man, I love him to death! Happy Birthday 


Jivin' Johnson's said...

Wow 2!! That means that my guy is headed that way!! He is adorable! Cupcakes are the best because everyone gets their own! :)

des said...

oooooh man, I'm totally craving the cake pops now. dang it.
We miss you guys- the pics made me REALLY wish we were back at the party again. HAppy day Bryce! love ya

Isaak and Jackie said...

yes having birthdays always brings tears to my eyes. It looked like lots of fun even it if wasn't a huge deal.