Monday, July 26, 2010

Redfish Lake..Resplendent!

This last week we enjoyed a week of no cell phone service, clear air, crystal clear (and freezing) water, wildlife, and relaxation! Yes that is right, we were camping.. kind of. Camping in a cabin. With a shower and kitchen. If that counts as camping. We still are slathered with misquote spray and sunscreen, and have no cell phones, so I count it as camping. :) 
{our Cabin}

Brandon's family takes an annual trip up to Redfish Lake, Idaho. It is North of Sun Valley passed Galena Summit in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains. It is just so beautiful. I have always loved going there, but this year I appreciated the clear open sky so much more after living in congested California for the last year. There is such a stark contrast. Not that we don't love the unique beauties of the tropical flowers and ocean, it is just sad to me that it is so congested. That takes away from the natural beauties. (not to mention the smog line at the horizon, doesn't really make you want to take a deep breathe and say ahhhh)
{The view from our cabin, right next to the lake}

The other purpose of the annual trip besides enjoying mother earth, is to spend some quality time with family. ..Now I just have to say, I love my in-laws but I was much more happy once the Gas-X was passed around. They have sensitive bowels :) 
{The morning glory beauties cookin breakfast and playing memory}
{Brandon pulling Bryce and Grandma Pam around}
{Brandon and Bryce floating next to the docks. See how clear the water is and the beautiful country?! Truly Resplendent! }

We did have a great time together swimming, boating, playing games, and reading books (by the way.. Bella is Pregnant!!! I know I am at least a year behind the trend, but it is all so exciting to me!! don't give a way the ending)
Brandon's sister is a little wonder woman and has 6 kids all under 9. {5 chica's 1 chico.} Here are 4 of the chicas with Addison. The last chica is only 4 months old. Addi adores her cousins, and she always learns something new as she tags along with the older girls who mother her and teach her new coloring tricks. 
Bryce was surprisingly very introverted the whole trip. He enjoyed his quiet alone time with me and throwing rocks in the water.  And of course as you see above always had a car in his hand.
And here are a few family pictures on the day we were heading out.. 
The men.
The kids.
The Great Grandpa Danny and Addison.
The Us.
 The Us smoochin.
...and a beautiful mountain. That was my scenery when doing my triathlon bike training. Doesn't get much better then that. Except that I kept wanting to look around and watch the river rather then the road.. not a good idea.  

But the annual Redfish Trip.. a very good idea. Thanks Nielsen's for a great time and thank you Mother Earth for your beauty.


chad and candice said...

we LOVE redfish and are so sad we missed it this year! it is the most gorgeous place on earth!

The Shelton Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun-I miss the mountains so much but I guess we will be seeing them soon. Sorry about the name spelling-blame it on my pregnancy brain-ha

des said...

your hair looks awesome! I can't wait to see it in person. I just had a friend perm hers too. but yours looks better, totally got me thinking. haha.
the pics are beautiful too, what a trip. It so makes me wish we had in law close. I love the pics of addi and her cousins. how fun.

Isaak and Jackie said...

um how are you looking so gorgeous while camping? I am jealous I love Gods nature