Sunday, May 9, 2010


I don't know about you but I had a marvelous Mother's Day. German Pancakes for breakfast, home cooked food for dinner that was not prepared by me and Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert... again not cooked by me. Nor did I do any dishes! Yes.. those simple things made my day quite relaxing! I also adored my cards from my children and teared up as I watched Addison belt out Families Are Forever from the pulpit with the other primary children.

Here are a few moments that only a me the mother thinks is hilarious, but you might like too.  Times like these is why I love being a mother.

I don't know why but Bryce LoVEs his crib. What child loves their crib so much that they will sit in it for 20 mins at a time and play cars or look at books? Well Bryce does for whatever reason and the other day I heard him hollaring out so ran into his room and found him stuck like this.

He was trying to climb into his crib.

And again on another day..really loves that crib.

Addison likes to look at books before bed (She can't read yet .. hence the Look) One night I put her to bed with a book and cam back to check on her after 15 mins. I was sure that she would be asleep. But this is what I found.

Must have been a really good book. So I left and came back after another 10 or 15 mins and still...

So I peeked around the book and she was zonked. Ha! Her wrists were so stiff that when I took the book away her hands stayed in the same position. Crazy girl... Something else about this crazy girl.. Addison is a ridiculously SLOW eater. We regular have a rule that she cannot leave the table until she takes 5 more bits. Well the other night after this very thing occured, Addison annouced to me that she had finished her dinner. And she had even put her plate in the sink! {Lots of positive reienforcement at this point going on.} And we went about our merry way. As I was getting into my closet later that night this is what I saw...
Look closely at the floor.

yes. That is right. Her dinner.

Then I came out into the living room and found this....
Licked clean.

We had a long talk that night. Eventually she fessed up. What a little stinker! It is just crazy to me that she is starting to be mischievous and thinks to do these things! 
We put sponge curlers in her hair the other night. This was her beauty queen pose! The next morning we took them out and her hair was so wild and crazy it was awesome. She ran into look at it in the mirror and was gone for a while. So naturally I wonder what she is quietly up too. When I found her she was mad and spraying her hair with the water bottle. The curls were not to her fancy and gone before I could convince her to give it a chance.

I have to say that becoming a mother earlier than I expected was an obstacle for me. I was not mature enough emotional to handle the stress and sickness of pregnancy, for a long time I wondered why I had to start so quickly into motherhood after being just getting married. I still don't know why, and it probably has nothing to do with me, but I am so grateful that Heavenly Father trusted me to be a mother to such sweet little spirits. It is not easy and I know I look older than I am. But I would never change it for the world. I love being a mother and I love my goofy kids.

I am soo grateful for a mother of my own. She is awesome and has taught me so much. I love that she didn't care when I played in the mud and I love that she forced me for so long to take piano. I am who I am because of her. Thanks Mom. And love you Addi and Bryce.


Kristi M. said...

Your kids are hilarious. Gunnar has yet to try the hide the food thing, thank goodness. Gunnar also LOVES to read in his bed but somehow he remember to turn out his light and put the book on the nightstand. I can't believe her wrists were that tight. Made me laugh.

*LaUrA* said...

haha! I love the things kids do...her dinner in the closet and whipped cream licked clean tickled me!

des said...

the dinner plate still cracks me up.

and same with the curler story. I was about to complain about not having a picture with her curls and you explained why. haha silly girl.
I think she was brought into this world because of Sydney. the timing of these two kids, and their siblings is a little too weird. I wouldn't be surprised if our dream jobs end up same city either. haha

Bryce. cute boy! climbing in his crib, wish Jack did that.

Kristin said...

That is hilarious Aub. I can see Michael doing that same thing with dinner and then sneaking the sweets. Oh yeah and did I mention you look like a freaking model in the post below!! HELLO Aubrey!! It looks like you are making a lot of friends and have lots to do so that makes me happy!! And good job on your new friends taking you out Audrey for your b-day!

The Hemming's said...

Okay so Stellar loves his crib right now too!I thought he was just a weirdo.He loves to take his hotwheels cars in there and play- forever.Or he will just get in there and sit.Glad he is not the only one who does this.