Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mom's Adventure

A week or so ago, we had the privileged of having my mom ALL to our selves! It was so nice because the kids got her 100% attention. Similar to when my Dad came a few weeks before. ...Okay I know some of you are wondering that's weird, why didn't her parents vacation together? Well long story short, work schedules just wouldn't allow. Mom's turn was her on spring break and the weather was just beautiful down here! Here are a few snapshots of our adventures together!

Day 1
My mom is not a theme park junky. I don't blame her either, I can only handle so much, but she does love learning and history! For these reasons we decided to check out one of California's "Missions." There are some where around 21 Missions up the coast of California. They were establishments set out by the Catholic Church to Christianize the natives back in the day. The particular Mission that we visited is only about 15-20 mins from where we live can called the San Juan Capistrano Mission.
I was very interesting to learn some of the history of Cali and see the old buildings. We even had a high tech audio tour!

A seriously this place was gorgeous! The gardens were incredible and the architecture was amazing.

I dream of owning a home some day that has this style of architecture.. I {heart} the Mediterranean style most of all but some Spanish flare would be beautiful too!
Apparently people are still married in this chapel. Receptions and photo sessions are always being reserved on the grounds. I can imagine too. The old walls are a dream background!
In the background here was a big chapel that collapsed in an earthquake killing an entire congregation of people. Apparently is to listed as a very dangerous place because of how unstructurally sound it is. Love my baby playing under that!!

After the Mission we ate some yummy authentic Mexican food the head down to balboa park. ... NOW if you are ever looking for something to do in San Diego (yeah right board in San Diego?) but if you are... head over to balboa park! It hands down the most amazing "park" that we have ever been too. And yes is it free. We took a walk around and played in the fountains before we were simply exhausted.

They have a bunch of museums most free too. We came after hours but still enjoyed the awesome gardens and buildings.It was a beautiful day! So fun to be with mom and have her enjoy the warm weather! The next day was even hotter at the beach!


Kurt and Michelle said...

What a BEAUTIFUL place. I keep telling Kurt we really need to take a trip to Cali. ot visit you guys, I am dieing to get out of this cold weather. Hope everything is going well for you guys!

Jivin' Johnson's said...

I think Balboa park will be a stop during our next trip! The pics are seriously gorgeous! Glad you got to spend some time with the mommy!