Sunday, March 28, 2010

under the weather

Isn't it interesting how getting sick makes you sit down and blog? What I reeeeaally mean is that for me getting sick makes you just slow down and not care. I don't care that the floor has dried noodles all over. I don't care that my makeup isn't done. I don't care that the kids watched tv all day long. And we really aren't even that sick. I have a sinus infection (more annoying than anything) and Addi might have strep.. but does have a really nasty sore throat. So I just say whatever! It is a great excuse to just let go of the stress and focus on recharging for the rest of the week when I decide that I am a lazy bum and Have to get out of pjs for the day.
( a preview of my next post! gorgeous)

 I finally realized what the phrase "Under the weather" means! hah! It is a beautiful sunny 80 deg day outside today and I looked out the window and was kind of wishing that it was a rainy day. Then the weather would match my mood. I am feeling "under the weather."  I attribute my deep lack of understanding of this phrase to growing up in Missouri and Idaho wear most of the illnesses circulate in the colder months of the year. Its not that I am all that blonde. 

ok ok.. I have to share another things that I have come to understand.  Well...After almost FIVE YEARS of marriage we finally purchased our own dinning table. I am years away from owning a home so I get to have joy in a simple dinning table!! BUT after buying this table.. I was a little OCD about everything that was set on it. I did NOT want a single scratch in it. I kept trying to think of ways to protect the table like always having a table cloth for dinner (no way, too much laundry), covering it with plastic (where do you buy plastic for that? nope), find softer plates (walmart has everything right?) no silver ware (how many dinners are just finger food?) .... and then I thought of it... thedreadthingthatIneverunderstoodthepurposeofbecausetheywerejustonemorethingtowipeofforwashandyoumight aswelluseatablecothe..... The PLACE MAT!!! I am a genius! oh wait. Those have been around forever. I just didn't get why use one because I never had to care about a table! All I have to say is thank you target for you amazing selection of fun affordable place mats!

thanks all my lovely friends for your help during these blah days!

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