Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am a week late on this, but with the Oscars I think it is appropriate! During Brandon's spring break we decided to take a trip up to LA to just hand out and look around. I had been there before as a poart of our honeymoon, and remember it being engeretic, cool buildings, and just exciting to see where so many stars had once been. 

Well I had a different experience this time. Sadly I was very disappointed. Hollywood Blvd was incredibly dirty, with tattoo parlors, smoke shops, and tour guides constantly hustling you to join the ride. Man's Chinese theater was beautiful, and the shops around it are neat, But that was about 5% of the street. The rest was pretty sad. You would think a place where so many talented, beautiful, creative people, and many very influential people are memorialized would reflect that. Nope. Bummer. 

If you are wondering should I include this in my vacation? Sure.. but don't get your hopes up and only plan to be there for 1 hr. MAX. Then move on to Rodeo Drive, 3rd Street Pramenad, or The beach.

Here are some pics..keep in mind, I don't care to take pictures of the tat's on tatta's. So you are see the good things there. 

 The Hollywood sign in the far distant next to Brandon's Right Ear.

 What a sweet heart.
 I like our temple better. Sorry Tom.
 This was the best ever. We were walking around looking at the hand prints, comparing and all that jazz when Addison was like, :"Mom!! They're Perfect!" She had found little miss Shirley Temple! And the litterally were a perfect fit! It was so cute. Oddly enough, eveyone else thought so too and formed a little crowd as she took off her shoes and compare feet. Some Chinese people kept snapping pictures. Should I have been concerned?
 These guys aren't working for anyone. They want a buck. If they say free, what ever. We were taking a picture with Elmo and Elvis to our honor stepped in. We we didn't have enough cash for him so we got the bird! Lovely man. { Notice Mario in the back. goober}

 Then it was off to the wax museum. There are 2 wax museums.. one it better then the other. Go to the other one :) 
 Brando fullfilling all his dreams!
Gotta Love the fat suit! We went with some fun friend Zach and Krystal Pfau. That was there baby Ruby in front of Elvis!
So that was our day trip to the Blvd. Interesting!


Kurt and Michelle said...

What a fun day out! It is always fun to see the real city life. Addison is getting so grown up and is so beautiful!

Kristi M. said...

The Shirley Temple thing was really cute.

Kristin said...

Those people are just too busy spending all the money they have on shoes and bags... looks like you guys had fun though! Addi is getting so big! She is so pretty! Oh and did you ever take those pics for your friend? send me some if you want! I don't mind at all!

Isaak and Jackie said...

Sorry for the disappointment of the less than classy Hollywood but like you said it is fun to see and experience once.

des said...

oh, I somehow missed this post. Its so cute. I love the shirley temple story. That made me melt. Even though I'm not chinese I would have been snapping pictures too! I love it, I love her. miss you guys.