Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seaworld with Dad!

So good ol'Pops decided to take a long weekend and visit sunny California! It was so nice to have him just come and hang out. We took a gander to Seaworld for a day, dad did some golfing with Brando, we hit up some outlets, and of course golf stores, and then!! IT Rained. Sorry Pops. Sunny Cali isn't always so Sunny. BUT it was still warmer that Idaho so, he was happy. 
I am pretty sure that he had 3 purposes for this trip. 
1. To spend Time with my Chicken Nugget Children.
2. To Enjoy some warm weather
and 3. To Golf. 
He accomplished all three so I think the trip was a success!

On the Rainy Day we went to Chucky Cheeses. I know that I have been there before as a kid but can't remember, so this was a new experience for me, as well as my for my nuggets. And well. I don't have much to say. It was fun, I guess. Crowded, cheep quality pizza for $$, fun games for more $ but not that much $, an opportunity to catch about 100 different viruses in only 20 mins, but the kids went crazy so I guess it was worth it. I think Brandon actually used more tokens that the kids did. Fun, I guess?

Flammingo's are a funny creature aren't they? No wonder little old ladies love to put them in their yards. Silly things {women and flamingos alike}.
All of our pics are from Seaworld, it really is beautiful there.. 

I think that is was my absolute favorite attraction! It was so talented and creative as it mushed between my teeth! Amazing!
.. now hold on... I am not that much of a fatty, only 1/3 of that genius funnel cake was add to my bum. The rest went to my dad's and brandon's. 
The kids area was fun.  I just dont get why if the ride is a little crazy do they allow adults, supposedly it is to so the adults can hold on to them. Well adults weren't allowed in the blue squishy land of marshmellowie fun. Bummer. I regularly envy my own daughter. 

Yes that is her in the middle, flying in the air, with out me.
Just admit it. Everyone wants to be a little kid again and go crazy in the McDonald's ball house once in a while. I am not the only one am I?

.. more to come on our springbreak getaway of sorts to the blvd. called Hollywood.


Chad and Carly Carlson said...

How fun! I seriously don't think I have been to sea world in forever! You are such a fun mom! I am glad we are both back to normal life and we can be friends again!:)

Angie & Neal said...

Glad you had a good spring break. We've been wanting to hit up Sea World, did you do the season pass thing??

des said...

I don't know if I'm more jealous that you got to see dad or dad got to see you. I feel just plain left out and envious. We miss you guys. Today Syd said that she wanted to move. Move by addi.
then nate said " but then you will even be farther away from grandma, wont that make you sad."
Syd: NO.
but shh, don't tell mom :) We miss ya. I'm hoping flights from Boise to CA and vise versa will be cheaper! start lookin for deals!

oh and yeah, I wish I could be on those rides again!

Kristi M. said...

How fun having your dad there. I have always been intrigued by flamingos. After I found out one day that they are pink becuase of what they eat, I found them interesting. They are also so pretty in pictures and real life. However I will never have any in my yard. Seaworld is a fun place.

Shauna said...

Looks like you guys have a fair share of visitors to entertain. Looks like you guys had a great time! Grandpa's are the best!