Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Great Debate...

...In my head.

Okay here's the scoop.

In February Brandon has Reading week (A week off to study for finals) then Finals Week (only one test per day) then Spring Break (We aren't planning anything special.).    Therefore there are 3 weeks that he is going to be around and I can work with out having to worry about babysitters. So I am going to pick up alot of extra shifts while I can.

Now for the debate. The extra money is going to in general help us out with $Rent$ and basic living as we are poor college students. But I figure that since I am working so much for the family to avoid debt, instead of playing with Brandon at the beach (which I would sooo much rather do) I am going to keep the pay of one day for myself and get a little treat!!  BUT WHAT TO GET!!??!?!

Option A: 

Yes, a piano! I miss playing the piano SO much! My entire life has been filled with so much music but since I haven't been living at home, and don't have a key board I have been lacking something. Music. And I can tell that after 5 years of not playing regularly my ivory ticklers are getting a little rusty! I would get an Upright, something used off of CraigsList.

I am kinda picky about piano vs. Keyboard. I think keyboards are great, but they just aren't they same touch as a piano. I think I would rather have a used old upright than a keyboard? My Sis will argue this :)

Option B:

 Not just any bike, A ROAD bike. 2 years ago I had no idea what the difference was! But there is a difference! We have mountain bikes which are fun, but a good road work out that is fast and comfortable really needs to happen on the Road Bike. I am loving the Triathlon thing. And want to be more competitive. To do so, would require a bike. 

Okay now for a summary of pros and cons 

A life long love
A talent I already possess and can improve
Will benefit the family (FHE, Addi Piano Lesson)
Can practice Hymn for church
Also a nice piece of furniture!

Very Large and Hard to move.
My Apt. complex neighbors will probably dissaprove (MAJOR CON)
Expensive Upkeep


A Physical Outlet for me
Small easy to store, move
Won't disturb anyone
Easy excersize that will keep my joints happy till I'm 80
A new fancy!
Can compete in Triathlons!

I dont know much about them
Every road here is a Major road, a little dangerous to bike. (MAJOR CON)
Only benefits me not the family. (unless you count my good physical and mental health from the exercise!)

cast your vote help me see the light..


Kristi said...

wow those are two things that I totally totally want. and I totally miss both in my life of which both make me a happier person. sorry I can't say which choice to choose, cuz I can't decide either. - oh wait all our Not spare change is going to a house.

PS: don't buy a house then you can't buy cool things like pianos and bikes

Michelle said...

Aubrey-that is a tough one. I too have really wanted both items however I have always told myself that I will wait and get a piano until I have a house so I don't have to move it, or rather husband doesn't have to move it so, I would probably go with the road bike, they are a fun mix up for working out. And yes, it is something only you can use but we need stuff like that every once in awhile! Good luck!

*LaUrA* said...

I 2nd Michelle for the fact of having to lug the piano around wherever you go because you definitely have one or more moves in the future. That is where I say that a keyboard might not have the same charm...but will be a nice substitute until you can get a piano that has a permanent home. A great bike would be awesome too!

And for me I most likely would pick whatever you can get for the least amount of greenbacks.

But I am excited for you! You deserve a splurge every once in a while and you work hard for it!

des said...

False. I don't like keyboards better than uprights. I like uprights SOO much better than keyboards. HOWEVER, we purchased this keyboard before Sydney, and
1 I knew I had MANY moves ahead of me.
2.(I didn't have money for tune ups..poor students.. and
3.I didn't have an "interior" wall to place piano on) plus I was in apt and was having a baby- so
4.ear phones were AWESOME.
One day soon I hope to have a beautiful upright, or baby grand..haha. but until then I figure I'm lucky to have a nice keyboard....

With that said, I think a piano is something where money is well spent. plus I think you want it more than a bike-deep down. You have talked about a piano LOTS and I haven't heard you talk about a bike at all...(not that that means you don't really want one) You could even teach piano and never have to worry about babysitters at all! ok maybe you wouldn't do that. but its always an great talent to keep up. your so musical.

des said... better tell us what you get...

Aubrey said...

You probably could've guessed, but my vote is a PIANO! Don't go for a keyboard. They truly are a completely different instrument. Yes, pianos are big and heavy but once you get it in your house (which by the way it's perfect now that you're on the bottom floor-so much easier!) it's set. You don't have to move it around with you, just sell it when you move from here. People sell pianos everywhere on Craigslist, especially in Utah in Idaho. You could pick a new one up on your way to moving back to Idaho. You've got to do the piano! It's such a joy to have in your house! I've had ours in the past 3 apartments we've lived in and haven't got one complaint from a neighbor. And I play alot! However I have got many compliments and people saying they love to hear it. Plus they won't hear unless you pound like crazy (which will happen with kids the first few days :)) Anyway, hard decision, but my vote is totally a piano

Val said...

Piano definately. There is something special about music in the home (besides the canned stuff). And I agree with Aubrey: when you move just sell it and buy again next time you move. My sis-in-law does that and somehow there's always one available.Or just pack it. Besides, I remember in Twin you saying you wanted one badly, and you've never had any problem exercising :)

Melody said...

We finally got a piano, and it is one of my absolute favorite things that we own. But I wouldn't want to move it around with us very much. A road bike would be fun to have, too, and it would probably give you the same kind of stress relief that a piano would. I would probably go with the one that will get used the most, whether by you or others in your family... so I guess my vote is piano!

The Bowman Family said...

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Anonymous said...

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