Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10k + Bunco= Random!

I figure that with the holidays coming... I had better catch up blogging before it gets overwhelming!! So yes this is one RaNdOm Post!!

First of clear back on Halloween I ran in a 10K with a few buddies here and had a blast! The girls that I ran with all did so well setting new PR's and some medaling! It was the LA county Run for Health at Dockwieler Beach. It was a beautiful morning as we ran along the coast! My battery was dead in my camera so to see better pictures click here! or  here!

Yes I did medal! I was 2nd place in my age group and 11th over all in women for 100+ women!
8:38 mile pace felt pretty good, but these die-hard girls I run with are going to force me closer to an 8 before long.
Yes they are good.
I love em.

This was what I looked like
as I crossed the finish line ha! Blah!


.....And then I did a little dance with Addi but you can't see her

In other news.... I hosted a Bunco Party at mi casa the other night and it was a blast! In honor of the holidays we did a baking theme and had pies and all the awesome prizes were kitchen useful! So much fun! We actually have a Bunco Night once a month with a bunch of girls and we just rotate who host's it and gets prizes! (don't worry I am not broke.. everyone chips in 5 dalla)

Top to Bottom/Left to Right:
Shunae (Grand Prize winner--4 Buncos!?!) Me, Carly, Kim, Anna, Erin, Krystal, Marybell, Ashley, and Kelly


des said...

HEY! we do a bunco night here. how funny, I couldn't wait to tell you about it and get you doing it. oh well. So instead of bringing money we just make or bring a gift (can be used or new) and then swtich it kind of like a white elephant night...kind of. Anyway, super fun huh.

You are a great runner man! good job on second place.

Giselle said...

Way to go! You are turning out to be quite the runner! I am very impressed! Don't forget about that marathon you are supposed to do :)

The Nielsen Clan said...

okay Giselle.. two things I said I would never do... buy skinny jeans and run a marathon.. and guess what! I bought some skinnies! AHH I am doomed to a marathon!

Isaak and Jackie said...

Wow! I didn't know you were such a die hard. Congrats and check out that tan.

Erin said...

The race was so fun! I'm so proud of all you girls! Also bunco was a blast! I had a great time, and love my utensil holder!