Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Sillies


My kids have been a little sick lately, whats new I know, typical running nose, cough and mild fever. Nothing dramatic, just a crazy loud cough that turns heads in the grocery store. So today in sacrament, Bryce is standing up on a chair (of course we were 3 minutes late and end up in the back) (this ward is kind to those with kids and makes the chair padded). Back to the story, Bryce is standing up and his nose is starting to drain so I scrabble for a wipe.

In the few seconds that it took me I suddenly heard this lady behind us start laughing and

Addison yell, "A BuBBle! Mommy! He Blew a Bubble!" And yes, he had a huge bugger bubble chilling on his face. Addison kept yelling "A Bubble! Cool! Mom its a Bubble!" while the rest of the reverent room is silent, the lady behind is still laughing trying to get air.

Thankfully I had already gotten my wipe so I reach up to quickly end this fiasco and Bryce is way faster and reaches up and rubs his nose smearing the glorious mess all over his face.

I hear an "oh no... chuckle chuckle chuckle wheeze wheeze" from the lady.

She wasn't helping me to be discrete. ..

But I got the mess taken care of, quickly. It was just one of the moments where I fell all red and hot and embarrassed and knew the bishop watching the irresponsible new family in the ward disrupting the peace, and the grandmas were turning their hearing aids down sitting in front of us! Kids making life interesting!

Addison said something so funny a few minutes later that was cute...

So we did a lesson on tithing for Family Night and did the whole spill with the pennies. So today in church she randomly asks,

"Mom, we need to give Jesus our monies! Wheres our monies?"

I showed her the tithing envelope and said we would do it after. Then she looked around and said "Where's Jesus?"

"Up in Heaven"

Then she looked up and the ceiling and was quiet for a minute. The she said with big eyes "Mom. We need to get on a plane!"

..And ... I didn't know what to say. Good though process for a 3 year old I guess! So I just told her that we were going to give it to the Bishop for Jesus's church! She took that and went back to eating her fishy crackers! I love my kids! Good memories!

BTW!!!! This is an awesome website!! Great for studying the BOM!! has anyone ever been there before? Brandon found it a few months ago and we use it alot, helps put the story together easier! Let me know!


Angie said...

What funny kids! Those are some really funny stories! :) thanks for the laughs!

JohnAndVal said...

Haha I love your guys always have something funny goin' on. Btw the picture of your "forever family" on the right of your blog is so cute!! And may I ask how you lost all your baby weight and don't even look like you were EVER pregnant? Seriously haha....

des said...

aubs, that is hillarious, I can picture it all happening and understand it- feeling hot and flustered. I just can't believe the lady laughing so much. should get on a plane. come see us...and Addi can wave toJesus in the clouds.

ALSO, I was re-watching the video down below of Bryce walking. it is so cute, fun kids. I was noticing your cute apt! I love it, way to decorate and it does look big! can't wait to see you!!

Shauna said...

that's too funny! nothing like snotty bubbles during sacrament! Addison is too funny with the tithing thing--and where is Jesus? that's too cute.