Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 50th Daddio

On may 8th my Sweet Dad Turned 50! I know he is not thrilled about this but in my theory he has 50 % more wisdom than when he was half his age~ he is a very wise man and I look up to him alot. Every time I call him he asks what is it now? Because 9/10 calls are to ask him some random question about medical stuff, politics, insurance, real estate, finances or any thing my inexperienced half his age-wisdom doesn't have. (He has a little over 50% more wisdom than I do.) Therefore, the result of his aging is more and more random phone calls! whether he likes it or not. ;)

The other 1/10 calls are usually to ask for a babysitter! (Better than asking for money-- how it used to be!) Anyhow.. I love you dad! wise man and all.

We through him a surprise Birthday Lunch at the surgery center! It was pretty fun... A bunch of the nurses sang him an off key song.. on purpose, I forgot the inside joke. But I think that he had a good time. We had left over Pasta Roma for a week!
My Mom and Youngest brother ConnorBryce and my oldest younger brother BrockAwe... Young love

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Des said...

sniff sniff, I wish I was there to play, eat cake, hold bryce and give dad a hard time.
I LOVE YOU. thanks for posting the pics make me feel a little less left out! They are great. I'm glad you got him good.