Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bryces Adventures

My little Bryce is almost 10 months old and changing so much! He is the cutest little monster too... these are a few of the funny things that he does, that I just cant bring myself to forget!
Bryce loves the dogs. However he does not like the grass.. or sand or cement for that matter! He always crawls like this when he is on a texture that he does love. He also does this if there is a crack in the sidewalk or if he is transitioning textures like from the carpet to the bathroom floor. Goofy kid.
He adores all of his family and grandparents. A very loving, cuddly boy.
And he love LoVeS LOVES the bath! He goes crazy in the tub!! If he is crying.... throw him in the tub and voila.. happy crazy Bryce with water all over the bathroom floor!
My awesome new camera.. Nikon d60 caught those little water drops! So cool!

These pictures represent a few things. A. Bryce loves his sister. Addison can walk up to him and say buooga buooga. And he cracks up laughing. Not to mention she sneaks him this little affair I found happening in then back seat! haha! Their carseats were so sticky!
And B. Bryce is eating so many foods now! He still loves his bottle and whins when ever he sees it but he is having fun chewing on cereals and fruit with his only bottom two teeth. (Poor kid, I am thinking of swiping him some dentures ;)
Bryce freaks out when he sees a cup. He loves to drink out of cups. He laughs and giggles before just because he sees a cup... now if we give him a drink watch out! Might as well head to roaring springs for the day.
Mornings are my favorite with my little mister. He always wakes up happy. Always. He wakes up and lays in his crib for a while and coos to himself. Starts to roll around and play with his stuffed animals. Eventually he is sitting up chewing on the rails until he finally stands up and shakes the rails. This is our clue that he is done playing and has filled his pants. Even his bowels are very predicatble.
Dont mind the green 11's. They never seem to go away! Still pretty dashing with them I think. Love you Bryce


des said...

awe so cute. I 'm so happy you posted this- I cant even describe. I'm not there to see him do this stuff, so in my mind he is still just learning to sit up. It is crazy to think of all the things he is actually doing. He is so big, and yes quite dashing...he can be my Mr.Darcy. I'll take him anyday.

Ben and Krystle said...

AWE these pictures of Bryce are awesome. I still can't tell if Bryce looks more like you or more like Brandon, what do you think? Your NEW camera can take some pretty cool pics. My camera on the other hand is still broken and I am still using my cell phone for my camera!! When do you guys leave for CALI?