Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My Sister Started this Recipe Blog! Very fun! If any one wants to be involved let me know... with a comment or email and we'll get you added! She is out in Michigan so recipes from her friends out there with be more diverse!!

When I say involved.. if you would like to be able to post on the blog recipes let me know.. I jsut need your email for you blog that you use for your blog. Otherwise have fun trying out recipies and enjoying the fun!


Des said...

ok aubs, I changed to the "Deep vein" I remember learning all those veins..like cephalic and stuff in anatomy but that has left me- so thanks for the nurse in you.
and as for the PICC, that is what I talked about with dad...in the post. He always wanted to do it, we just never did and should have in retrospect... love ya!

Harding Family said...

We asked for the PICC but they wouldn't allow it because it would heal over before we came back. It has to be used at least weekly and we would go 2-3 weeks or a month to 3 months at the end. So the Doctors could not do it.