Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally.. Easter Pictures

When ever I have something that I actually want to post about, I get all NeRVous. haha. really I do. And I want it to be PeRfEcT. Sometimes I am a little Type A~ ReD personality. Not that I am a perfectionist, because if you have ever eaten my food or seen my house you will know that is not true. But if I want something done a certain way. It will be done that way. Ask Brandon. He can Testify to the truth of that.Moral of the Random Story: I wanted to do a really nice Easter post, but haven't had time to dedicate to one... and now it is almost MAY!! Therefore here are the pictures from Easter. Not in a perttie fashion. (That was not a type-O) (Say Perttie phonetically and that is how I am saying pretty in my Type A Mind. )Bryce is so funny. Such a little chunk. Seriously he wears 24 month clothes and he is only 8 months old. You can see how big his feet are. I love his face in this picture. He is probably thinking look who I am stuck with.. She is going to embarrass me in high school, I just know it.
The Ensemble

By the Way... Thanks Mom for the Awesome Easter out fits!!
Close up, En vogue
This is her purse. She loves her purse. It normally carries, lips (her chapstick), monies (a couple of pennies) and maybe her pieces (little cards to her princess memory game).

And These are the shoes that she loves. She tries to wear them everyday. They go well with jammies. Who would have thought?


Jivin' Johnson's said...

Stinking A!! I love those pics of Addi-- she looks so cute and the angles are wondermous!! Bryce is huge he looks so handsome in the sweater vest! Cute cute kids!

MaryAnne said...

the pics with Addi and the blue sky backround are amazing! What a little beauty you have! And I can't believe how big Bryce is!
Miss you guys!
Love, MaryAnne

des said...

I LOVE the pictures, my favorite is Addi sitting, the camera looking up at her. SO cute. They look amazering.

Reid, Kim, and Cohen said...

Cute Cute Cute!!! Can you believe how big these little boys are?!?? Cohen is only 6.5 months old and he is wearing 18 (sometimes 18-24) month old clothes!!!! Big Boys! But anyways very cute pics! You're kids are beautiful!

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

SOOOOO CUTE!!! Addi Looks ADORABLE!! And Bryce is so handsome.... yes he does have big feet! He is just gonna be a ball player! I love that she has to put little things in her purse!

Giselle said...

You are such a good photographer. Your pictures turned out really cute!My favorite is the third one from the top of Addi. So cute!

Sorensons said...

Your pictures turned out so good!! I love their easter outfits!

Shauna said...

cute easter pics! love addi's dress and ensemble! Bryce is a big boy--so cute.

Kurt and Michelle said...

Soo0 cute, don't you just love Easter, it gives you a reason to dress your kids up cute :)