Sunday, February 22, 2009

JackJack and Bryciepoo

Jack and Bryce are so cute. They are both such characters..

JACK is very serious...with his expression but inside he is just bubbling... How do you know? Because when you play with him, his face is straight until suddenly he BURSTS into squeals and his two little front pop out! then, Back to his straight puppy dog eyes.

BRYCE always has some goofy smirk on his face. He too squeals when he gets excited and his eye get very very big. If you notice in almost every picture he is looking at the camera his eye get huge.

One thing that is even funnier about these to little munchkins... THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE..AND Bryces hands and feet are probably double Jacks. Keep in mind that Bryce is 6.5 months and Jack 1 year. It is just funny to see jack walking around eating real food and so tiny~ then there is Bryce. Barely eating mush and can only maneuver across the room by rolling and squirming. And he is huge!


Des said...

I feel so special! Thanks for letting us play with your kids. We had a blast. Syd won't stop talking about Addi- Everything she does or will do somehow involves addi. We love you!! miss oyu lots

Tiffany said...

That is crazy that jack and Bryce are the same size! He is such an easy cute baby. It was fun watching him and Addison today. Zach had a lot of fun playing with them all morning.